Grant Summary — 2018 – 2019

Stage-Lighting WJH grants fall 2018Backstage ‘Magic’ – $5,663 – West Junior High – Janine Burns, Donna Philippot, Danielle Boor

The theater program at West Junior High is expanding its playbill of performances; this grant to provide stage lighting and a professional light board for student training will offer the opportunity for increased student involvement, both in and beyond the classroom. Learning theater technical skills is a detailed endeavor in ‘backward design’ – deciding how a finished product will look and then making that happen. Read more.

Bicycle Repair Program – $400 – West Junior High – John Dempsey

There’s a special pride earned in repairing something discarded and deemed trash-worthy. This grant provides (Setting IV) special education students with the tools and equipment to set up a ‘bike shop’ (at the Hopkins Pavilion Alternative Setting) to do just that. Read more.

Computerize Library Harley Hopkins grants fall 2018Computerizing the Lending Closet – $450 – Harley Hopkins Family Center – Mary Hromatka, Katie Clark

For nearly 40 years, Harley Hopkins has been spending staff time laboriously tracking the learning toys, games, and books available to families from their Lending Closet. This HEF grant allows for a modern computerized/scanner system to streamline the whole library and greatly increase access to those high-demand learning activities and resources, including the Autism Library. Read more

Edible Education: Kitchen à la Cart – $10, 815 – Hopkins Community Education (Preschool – Adult) – Andrea Sjogren, Lisa Walker, Jennifer Kopischke

This portable kitchen will expand the opportunities for fun, experiential learning, including what constitutes healthy food and good nutrition, math and organization skills, as well as following directions (and the sometimes-foul consequences of NOT following them). Kitchen à la Cart will be housed at Eisenhower Community Center and can be pushed right into the classroom. Read more.

Everyone Making Music Together – $4,914 – Meadowbrook K-2 – Carah Hart, Marie Scholz, Andy Jensen

Xylophones, metallophones, and glockenspiels – these instruments are perfectly tailored to engage budding musicians, specifically in grades K-2, and are completely adjustable for each student. This grant doubles Meadowbrook’s inventory to allow every student in class to play at once rather than in shifts Read more.

Family Connection Nights – $540 – Harley Hopkins Early Childhood Special Education – Jackie Hunke, Lyndsay Hetzel, Joanne Search Johnson

Family Connection Nights, hosted by Harley Hopkins Family Center, aim to connect these parents and caregivers of special needs children in meaningful ways –  in a comfortable environment of support and connection with those who can truly understand and share their daily worries and triumphs. Read more.

T-Plus HydroGardens grants fall 2018Growing Healthy Food and Life-Long Skills – $800 – Transition Plus – Thomas Kvale

With this grant, Transition Plus (T-Plus) students are expanding their repertoire of marketable skills to include design/build hydroponic grow systems. HEF will fund the tools and materials to seed this new endeavor of the Project Based Learning Class, part of the T-Plus curriculum. Read more.

MCubed NJH grants fall 2018

MCubed (Math x Mental Health x Mindset) – $5,000 – North Junior High – Sue Edwards, Jodi Markuson, Micki Mandell

MCubed is an innovative and exciting approach for bringing students up to grade level in math while practicing life skills in a socially, emotionally safe afterschool setting. Targeted students are those facing a variety of ACE’s (Adverse Childhood Experiences). Learning the ‘hard skills’ of math dovetails well with training in the ‘soft skills’ needed for all areas of their lives. Read more.

Meeting Families Where They Are Harley Hopkins grants fall 2018Meeting Families Where They Are – $3,504 – Harley Hopkins Family Center – Katie Horner, Justina Miller, Kris Torborg

Early Childhood Special Education Speech-Language Pathologists will help parents promote early communication in their own homes for their child who is communicatively delayed. Through HEF’s grant, the speech pathologists will receive training in ‘It Takes Two to Talk’, a parent-implemented intervention program with a proven track-record of success across a myriad of spoken languages. Read more.

ACT Prep Class HHS 2 grants fall 2018Opportunity=Access=Achievement: Closing the ACT Opportunity Gap – $2,655 – Hopkins High School – Jeff Matchette, Kristin Greene, Jennifer Heimlich

The ACT test is a high-stakes ‘entrance exam’ for college-bound students. HHS will offer a class specifically for those who have the desire, but not the means, to crack open this sometimes elusive window to higher education. Read more.

PAWSitivity WJH grants fall 2018PAWSitivity – $4,000 – West Junior High – Gillian McNeal, Corenne Larsen, Anamaria Washburn, Morgan McKindles, Adrienne Korsman

West Junior High is getting a new full-time staff member with four legs and a tail, who’ll be paid in kibble and hugs. This working Facility Dog will report every day to WJH and be scheduled in a variety of services and activities. It will truly be a community dog promoting relationships with and between students, offering emotional support such as de-escalation, coping with daily stress, and processing emotions to succeed in school.  Read more

Sensory Path Tanglen grants fall 2018Sensory Path – Much More Than a Yellow Brick Road – $1,500 – Tanglen – Wendy Dellis, Alyssa Winterfeldt

All Tanglen students (and staff, too) will benefit from this colorful, interactive sensory path – easily accessible in a Tanglen hallway. Sensory motor breaks are an effective tool to promote learning, and an instructional tool for ALL about the importance of sensory regulation. The path will provide these breaks through a wide range of fun activities, requiring students to use their senses and focus their energy. Read more.

Smart-Pens Promote Independence – $2,276 – Hopkins High School, North and West Junior Highs Special Education – Rande Peyton, Terri Osland, Adrienna Korsman, Victoria Wilson

This pilot project has the very specific goal of breaking down barriers that keep students from meeting their full potential. Echo Smart-Pens offer students on the Autism spectrum the ability to keep up with the rigor they are capable of – while remaining in the general education classroom. The Smart-Pens record everything the student hears in class, as well as the notes they take, so no information is missed. The student can later listen again to the class discussions and lectures or convert them to a digital format. Read more.

AS STEM kits grants fall 2018STEM Enrichment for Young Learners – $2,080 – Alice Smith – Doreen Carlson, Susan Gruidl

The focus of this grant is to build problem-solving skills in Alice Smith’s K-2 learners through more exposure to STEM activities. Enrichment, challenge, and hands-on learning will benefit all students and help decrease the opportunity gap. Read more.

Boatbuilders grants fall 2018

Urban Boatbuilding — $12,000 — Alice Smith — Maggie Lund, Mykenna Yesnes

In our land of 10,000 lakes, crafting birchbark canoes is the perfect medium for Alice Smith 5th and 6th graders to practice teamwork and problem-solving through the hands-on building process. Guided by renowned non-profit Urban Boatbuilders of St. Paul in a ‘lab’ setting, students will gain much more than the satisfaction of creating and launching a water-tight craft. Read more.

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