Grant Summary 2019 – 2020

Pathways to a Healthy Future special appeal Bash 2020In close partnership with Hopkins staff, HEF developed the Pathways to a Healthy Future Special Appeal, a comprehensive approach to active student learning. The student who is emotionally calm, well fed, engaged in and excited about learning prospers and succeeds on their own unique pathway to their full potential. HEF intends to fund FOUR distinct opportunities to empower students forward along these pathways.  Read more.

Fall Grants 2019 Breezin' Thru Theory

Breezin’ Thru Theory — $1,050 — Hopkins High School — Katie Irvin

Music theory is the study of how musicians and composers literally make music, including tuning systems and composition methods, and it’s not easy. In this new approach, all HHS Choir students will now have access to Breezin’ Thru Theory, an online theory curriculum. Students begin with a wide range of musical backgrounds, and this program allows them to test themselves or practice outside of class, learn at their own pace, and review or re-test as needed. Read more.

Fall Grants 2019 C4C4 (Challenge, Create, Construct & Connect) — $6,000 — Tanglen Elementary — Holly Thompson

Tanglen’s Media Center will use this grant to innovate into a hub of access – to digital information, to collaborative learning, and to a warm welcoming environment. Tanglen will now expand the concept of Maker Spaces to set up multiple stations of various activities including simple building materials and technology, a Cricut Maker machine, coding devices, and programmable robots. Read more.

Fall Grants 2019 WJH The Closet

The Closet — $1,500 — West Junior High — Laura Jensen

Opened last year, The Closet is an LGBTQ+ resource library housed at WJH in the Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) headquarters, open to any student. HEF is providing funds for a wide range of reading resources to represent the LGBTQ+ community in all its facets, which in turn provides extra support for ALL students to see themselves in positive and affirming ways. The goal of The Closet is to promote acceptance, equality and pride among students and their community. Read more.

Fall Grants 2019 Early Childhood PartnershipEarly Childhood Partnership — $945 — Harley Hopkins Family Center — Maura Castellanos, Angela Sandok, Jennifer Muller

Collaboration and a strategic partnership are building a new curriculum around speech pathology for ECFE (Early Childhood Family Education) classes. A speech pathologist from ECSE (Early Childhood Special Education) will provide individual instruction to facilitators and parents during ECFE classes. HEF’s grant will stock the library with multiple informative resources. Read more.

FALL GRANTS 2019 EmpowerUEmpowerU — $5,999 — Hopkins High School — Denise Colicchia

An exciting new approach to conquering severe anxiety may have remarkable results for HHS students. EmpowerU is a highly personalized, online social-emotional course with embedded daily coaching from trained therapists. It is designed to overcome the kind of crippling anxiety that causes withdrawal and absenteeism. In 20-minute sessions each school day over a 14-week period, the program builds skills and strategies and teaches coping skills to help students stay in, or return to, school and to apply to future challenges. Read more.

Feeling Check-In Board grants spring 2020Feelings Check-in Boards – $500 – Eisenhower/XinXing Academy – Amanda Windyk

Each K-6 classroom will have a colorful ‘feelings check-in’ board. After some initial coaching by teachers, each morning when they arrive at school, students can identify how they are feeling by placing their own special card into an array of pockets that identify a variety of ‘feeling choices’. Again after lunch, students will have this quiet opportunity to express their emotions. Learn more.

Fall Grants 2019 Flamenco for FLESFlamenco for FLES — $1,120 — Eisenhower Elementary — Wendy Graves

Zorongo Flamenco Dance Theatre residency is coming to Eisenhower’s FLES (Foreign Language in Elementary School). Grades K-4 will experience Ta Ti Ti Tran Tran Toro, the one-of-a-kind flamenco puppet theater performance geared for children, where they will learn the enchanting story of Minnesota farmer Olie Olson, glamorous flamenco dancer Carmencita and her pet bull Torito. Read more.

Fall Grants 2019 Garden Growers for EquityGarden Growers for Food Equity — $3,000 — Transition Plus and West Junior High

At the heart of this grant is a new partnership between West Junior High and Transition Plus. The two- and-a-half dozen older students from T-Plus will work with about 50 students with unique needs from WJH. The whole group will cooperatively design, build and grow gardens at both locations, fostering hands-on learning to enhance the curriculum and producing healthy food. Read more.

Girls Taking Action – $8,000 – Hopkins High School – Jennifer Heimlich, Kelly Tennison

A chapter of Girls Taking Action (GTA) has started at Hopkins High School with the exciting long-term goals of creating a nurturing and supportive community for our young women of color, of fostering a deeper connection between them and their school, and of empowering them to envision the many options in their future beyond high school. Learn more.

Fall Grants 2019 Glen Lake GoGlen Lake Go! — $4,350 — Glen Lake Elementary — Jeff Radel, Anne Kuffel, Cindy Anderson

Place-based learning and out of school experiences are part of a vigorous re-imagining of the best way to educate our children. Glen Lake’s first and second grade teams will pilot this lab prototype of frequent educational ‘field trips’ into the real world. Over the next few years they intend to add more grades; eventually all students will participate. Read more.

Fall Grants 2019 Increasing Engagement and RigorIncreasing Engagement and Rigor — $5,970 — Glen Lake Elementary — Anne Kuffel, Elizabeth Nemec, Colette Kastner, Maria Williams, Jeff Radel, Dee DenHartog

Glen Lake staff have fully undertaken the Hopkins’ Vision 2031 mission to disrupt the current system. They have been planning and collaborating to create a culture of innovation and intend to re-imagine teaching. HEF’s grant is sending a team of six to Educator Training at The Ron Clark Academy (RCA) – a preeminent lab school for fourth-eighth grade in Atlanta Georgia with similar demographics to Hopkins. Read more.

Fall Grants 2019 Lab PacksLab Packs: Rethinking Homework — $3,000 — Meadowbrook Elementary– Sarah Gleason, Rachael Ramy

As an innovative pilot alternative to traditional homework, Meadowbrook third graders will take home weekly tote bags filled with fun, interesting experiences for students to explore. These “home connection literacy packs” will expand students’ range of experiences and broaden background knowledge around a variety of topics, cultures, and points of view, including the fine arts, STEM and more. Read more.

Fall Grants 2019 La OportunidadLa Oportunidad — $2,250 — Hopkins High School — Tim Own, Kim Foster Rodrigues

La Oportunidad’s Young Professionals is a 15-session weekly afterschool curriculum focused on educating and empowering Latino/a young people. Taught through a cultural lens, it focuses on career opportunities, developing skills for higher education and/or the workplace, the practical aspects of applying to post-secondary ed and finding the funds to pay for it. Read more.

Fall Grants 2019 Log Cabin Outdoor LearningLog Cabin Outdoor Learning — $640 — Meadowbrook Elementary PreSchool — Ann Aanestad, Shanyn Dick, Maggie Georgopoulos-Fenke

A new child-sized log cabin will be added to the outdoor preschool play area in this collaboration among all early learning programs at Meadowbrook. As staff model care and concern for nature and the environment, preschoolers will be guided in activities designed to develop essential skills, observe changes in nature, and work cooperatively. There will also be ample time for free hands-on creative play and self-directed activities. Read more.

Fall Grants 2019 Mandala Stone PaintingMandala Stone Painting — $1,000 — North Junior High — Laura Keogh, Jackee Miller, Emma Randolph

Mandalas are geometric figures – usually circles – created with repeating patterns, shapes or colors, by many different cultures all over the globe, and have been used for centuries for mediation and personal transformation. Mandalas are fun and simple to engage in, soothing, stress-relieving and engrossing, and have been used as art therapy. At NJH, all students will get the opportunity to create mandalas by painting dot designs on stones they can take home. Read more.

Fall Grants 2019 Modern Band Instruments (1)

Modern Band Instruments — $4,620 — Gatewood Elementary and Eisenhower / XinXing Elementary — Katie Hoefer, Jonathan Feulner

Modern Band is a new model of music curriculum using popular music and performed with electric guitars, bass, electronic drum set, small keyboards, and a vocal PA system. The 1,200 students will benefit from HEF’s grant to purchase these new instruments. Read more.

Fall Grants 2019 Modern Band Instruments

Fall Grants 2019 Pavilion Equitable Adventurous Community ExperiencePEACE (Pavilion Equitable Adventurous Community Experience) — $3,237 — Pavilion School, Grades 6-9 — Jacques Youakim, John Keaveny

The bold intentions of the teaching staff at the Pavilion are to lead a new model that aids students in becoming self-directed adventurous learners, while allowing them the opportunity to give back to the community. This HEF grant is designed to develop authentic inclusivity through weekly experiential learning trips. Read more.

Poet in Residence 4 spring grants 2020Poet in Residence – $2,000 – XinXing Academy 4th and 5th grade – Cathy Berger

Poetry is a creative way for students to express themselves. Through this poetry residency, fourth and fifth grade students will receive guidance from a published poet, and learn to communicate their thoughts and feelings through poetry. By tapping into students’ creativity and introducing them to a new medium, poetry will enhance writing skills as it energizes both students and teachers. Learn more.

Preschool second step 2 spring grants 2020

Social Emotional Learning  – $9,088 – All Hopkins Preschools – Kathy Willett

As authentic inclusivity and love are key to all Hopkins preschools, the purchase and implementation of Second Step Early Learning Kits will create a consistent framework across Hopkins Public Schools. The implementation of these kits will help build a strong foundation in social emotional development for the approximately 500 children enrolled in all Hopkins Preschool Programs within the six elementary schools as well as The Harley Hopkins Family Center. It will reach students enrolled in Kaleidoscope, Stay and Explore, and Stepping Stones programs. Learn more.

Fall Grants 2019 SPOT Vision ScreenerSPOT Vision Screener — $7,150 — Harley Hopkins Family Center — Lori Abel

Early Childhood Screening is required for 3-5 year-olds in MN, and it’s an excellent way to identify potential barriers to school success prior to Kindergarten, including vision deficits. Harley Hopkins Family Center (HHFC) provides this critical preventive service to 600 students per school year, in addition to vision screening conducted in first, third and fifth grades. Now, thanks to this HEF grant, the SPOT Vision Screener will provide extremely accurate, reliable, and time-saving measurements. Read more.

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