Fall 2021 Grant Summary

We are excited to announce the awarding of 17 grants totaling $54,512.64.  See below for descriptions of this broad diversity of exciting projects submitted by our extraordinary district teachers and staff.

Beautiful Education — $4,120 — HHS, NJH, WJH — Paris Timmons

This program builds a historical understanding of hair culture and teaches time management, preparation, basic hygiene etiquette, and experiential learning while being professionally taught and supervised with skill-based learning. Learn more.

Building STEAM — $3,751 — Eisenhower Community School, XinXing Academy, Juntos K-6 — Suzanne Bailey, Sarah Dallum

The materials purchased with this grant provide STEAM instruction, investigations, and studies of such topics as: inclined planes and simple machines, bridges, buildings, structures, and architecture, design, cause and effect, stability, weight, systems and parts and wholes, forces, motion, gravity, balance, speed, distance, and measurement. Learn more.

Building Thinking Classrooms in Math — $900–  Tanglen — Kim Rossow

Math in Tanglen fifth grade classrooms (nearly 70 students) is going vertical. This HEF grant provides large, double sided white boards for an entire math class to use at once. The multiple 2’ x 4’ portable, nesting whiteboards can be slid around the room to offer enough space for each student to stand up as they work, and enables the teacher to see what everyone is working on. Learn more.

Cultural Recipes and Food Science —  $1,869 — Hopkins Online Royal Academy K-12 — Sharon Meierhofer

This grant provides kits to enable online students to connect with their caretakers, family, culture and local culture while developing real life skills and work skills in food planning, prep and safety by utilizing scientific methods and oral, written and digital communication to validate and empower their cultural identity and self-sufficiency. Learn more.

Designing for Sustainability — $7,000 — NJH and WJH Design Departments — Jeremy Reichel, Kurt Carlson, Brett Shand, Becky Jacobson, Frances Gibson

The kits provided by this grant provide options for student exploration and learning related to geothermal, hydroelectric, and biofuel energy. Learn more.

Family Engagement — $3,000 — Community Ed, Alice Smith Elementary, Gatewood Elementary — Chelsea Ritland, Alex Fisher

This grant provides a research-based family engagement program based on the landmark Hoover-Dempsey & Sandler Model of the Parental Involvement Process. The program is based on decades of research on increasing student achievement by increasing parental efficacy, knowledge, motivation, and confidence to partner with the school system. Learn more.

Flex it Like 7th Grade Band — $800 — NJH, WJH — Nora Tycast, Kelli Heckman

This grants provides 21 new pieces of music to support the flex-band concept in 7th grade, allowing for a wide variety of instruments, at a wide variety of levels playing the same piece of music in flexible groupings. Learn more.

Hopkins Speedcubing Club — HHS —  $300 — Charles Strozinsky (student), Anne Sateren Burow (faculty advisor)

This Awesome Fund Grant will purchase a variety of cubes for the clubbers to practice with and enhance their skills. As they learn strategy together, they intend to host demos at HHS to engage potential new members, and envision competing at some point in World Cube Association (WCA) events in the Twin Cities. Learn more.

Jazz Cooks! — $6,500 — Hopkins High School Band — Nora Tycast

This grants provides a jazz instructor from the MacPhail Center weekly for a school year to teach student musicians jazz ensemble skills, including Black American history, improvisation and performance practices. Learn more.

‘Learner Profile’ Book of the Month Club — $4,411.80 — Eisenhower Elementary — Jeff Shepherd

This Book of the Month Club is for all 850 Eisenhower K-6 students on the school’s three learning pathways: Community School, XinXing Academy and Juntos Spanish Immersion. It benefits the larger goal of fostering internationally minded young people who recognize the common humanity and shared guardianship of the planet, and who help to create a better and more peaceful world. Learn more.

Learning with Heart — Tanglen Kindergarten  — $1,500 — Anne Baird

The materials purchased with this grant engage kindergarten students through enhanced literacy instruction that is more visual, more hands-on, more descriptive, more authentic. By integrating this literacy instruction throughout the school day in an authentic, experiential learning environment designed with students, students become the focus of learning. Learn more.

Literacy Centers for First Grade — $912.68  — Eisenhower — Edwing Llangari, Allyson Wolff

This grant provides Spanish literacy resources for our Juntos classrooms to strengthen our young scholars’ foundational literacy skills specific to Spanish. Learn more.

Nature in a Courtyard — $3,500 — North Junior High — John Leaf, Jen Legatt

This pollinator garden/outdoor investigation lab will provide an excellent opportunity for students to observe and study native plants and animals within the four walls of the North Junior High building. Learn more.

Personalized Literacy — $2,141 — Hopkins High School — Beth Ocar

This grant purchases ‘flash fiction’ anthologies – good writing with high rigor that can be consumed in a single sitting (one hour). It allows for personalized learning and engagement, choice of material reflective of many cultures, and skill development through small-group literary circles. Learn more.

Play Based Learning to Deepen Enquiry –$6,000 — Meadowbrook Enrichment Program — Michelle Hetland, Kathleen Roller

This grant provides materials to support a play-based learning environment to encourage children to develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Learn more.

Playground Pickleball — $1,300 — Tanglen Elementary — Kim Rossow, Kevin Strong, Liz Patrick

This grant provides two pickleball courts with portable nets for use in PE education. In addition, staff can use the courts for a pickleball league after hours to build community. Learn more.

Science of Reading — $4,469.82 — Glen Lake Elementary — Kathy Bouten

The materials purchased with the grant are designed to train teachers how to use tools to aid in what they learn about how the brain learns to read. The long range goal is for all teachers a Glen Lake to know the science behind how students learn to read. Learn more.

Spin Boards and Vestibular Sensory Training — $2,500 — All District Occupational Therapy — Alyssa Winterfeldt

This grant provides spin boards and training for Occupational Therapists with the goal of assisting students with disregulation and taking “brain breaks” to enable them to learn at optimal levels. Learn more.

Video Production Club — HHS – $600 — Sidney Gelperin (student), Cathlyn Garrett (faculty advisor)

This Awesome Fund Grant enables the Video Production Club to grow their stable of equipment and props. Grant applicant Sidney Gelperin explains, “We will learn how to use cameras, editing software, and framing… and to captivate an audience through different styles of video production.” Promoted on Instagram and YouTube, the club already has 500 followers. Learn more.

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