Gratitude Gift Program

Giving always makes us feel great. It’s doubly great when you can donate to support the work that HEF does for our schools and express your appreciation to a teacher or staff member at the same time. You can get that two-fer right HERE.

Find yourself wanting to provide a concrete ‘thank you’ to your child’s teacher but you’re not sure what to buy? That’s the purpose of HEF’s Gratitude Gift Program. Hopkins staff understand the value of HEF and what the Foundation has provided for their students. Many have been HEF grant recipients at some point. So when you make a donation to HEF on their behalf, they really appreciate it and so do we. We send them a lovely card with your personal message, and twice per year, we include a fun gift. Plus, your gift is tax deductible! Here’s a list of staff who have been previously recognized with a gift.

Holiday Gratitude Gifts – $25

This year, Hopkins staff are going above and beyond every day, trying so hard to adapt student learning for this uncertain COVID-19 world. Give them a big shout out to let them know you care, RIGHT HERE. When you make a donation of at least $25 (per recipient) during our winter holiday season, we’ll deliver a card with your personal message and a ‘Hopkins blue’ face mask. Out of respect for social distancing, the deliveries will be via mail this time – either to school mailboxes or to staff’s home address. The deadline is early December. We will deliver the gifts and greetings in person later in December, right before Winter Break. Order your Gratitude Gifts ONLINE HERE. You can also print an order form here and mail or drop off to the HEF office along with your payment.

Gratitude Gift Star CardANY Time Gratitude Star Card – $5

You can make a donation on behalf of a teacher or staff member at any time of the year. You can even honor a retired teacher or staff member. A quick amd easy way to make someone’s day! Make your donation HERE.

Spring Gratitude Gifts – $25

Order your Gratitude Gifts HERE. The end of the long school year (and 2020/21 has been LONG) is an important time to recognize teachers and staff members. It’s especially important to families of graduating seniors to acknowledge special assistance (advice, tutoring, letters of recommendation). From late April to mid May, we accept orders for special spring Gratitude Gifts (again minimum of $25 per recipient). In late May, we personally deliver messages and gifts to the recipients, to kick off their summer with style.

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