Green Gatehouse Structural Plan

Gatehouse Thanks pictureHopkins High School’s Earth Club, formed in 1997, is an active group of students determined to make a difference in environmental awareness and education. This project, spearheaded by seniors Showalter and Ruff, begins the process of transforming the unassuming shed located at the entrance to the Lindbergh Center into a ‘Green’ Gatehouse. The shed is used year round for collecting daily student parking fees and is currently not insulated. The 2013 HEF grant funds the project’s first stage, the structural review and plan.
During the next phases, the Green Gatehouse will be remodeled and re-built by HHS Construction students learning green building practices, and will include solar panels, green insulation, and a green roof. Additionally, Environmental Science students will have an opportunity to monitor and measure the effects of the green technology, as well as serve as a learning tool for the entire Hopkins School community.

Another benefit is the community impact and beautification for the immediate neighborhood. HEF is excited to partner with the Earth Club as they enthusiastically endeavor to improve the world around them.

Awarded Spring 2014
Hopkins High School
Submitters: Tessa Ruff, Sophia Showalter (HHS Seniors)

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