Guidance Counselor Resource Grant

Guidance CounselorHigh school years are full of important decisions. All of them, from class choices and extracurricular activities to friends, can have an enormous impact on our children’s future. The more adults involved in our children’s lives, guiding them to make good choices, the better off they are.

That is why a resource grant allowing Hopkins High School to hire a fifth guidance counselor was such a wonderful and important gift. Each term, counselors address graduation requirements, study strategies and mental health concerns for the existing student body, as well as testing and placement for the influx of new students. Mary Slinde, Associate Principal at Hopkins High, says the faculty also strive to provide a “safe place, emotionally and physically, when students are at school.”

The grant decreased the student-to-counselor ratio substantially, from the previous year’s 525 to one to 420 to one. The addition of a fifth counselor allows more students to connect with a caring adult who can make them aware of the diverse classroom and extracurricular choices available to them.

Slinde believes both students and parents have felt a significant difference and “in most cases, the wait for counselor appointments has been cut from four weeks to one week.” Parent Mardie Marshall echoes this and feels things have greatly improved from last year.

Slinde says our counseling staff is “remarkably talented and caring” and often in their offices beyond the typical eight hour day. They work closely with staff and students to address behavior concerns as well as post secondary questions and opportunities.

With the post-secondary world increasingly more competitive and complicated, guidance counselors are more important than ever. This grant helps Hopkins High continue to give our students the resources they need to succeed.

Awarded March 2007, Hopkins High School, Submitter: Willie Jett

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