Harley Hopkins

The table below lists grants that have specifically benefited Harley Hopkins school.

Title Description Year
Family Center Assisted with the purchase of new gym equipment and enhancement of outdoor play equipment to accommodate the growing and diverse needs of the children served. 2000-2001
Outdoor Enhanced Learning Outdoor Enhanced Learning 2001-2002
Reggio Emilio Approach for Early Childhood Education A matching grant was awarded to Stepping Stones, an all day program for four-year-olds, located at Meadowbrook and Gatewood to integrate the Reggio Emilia philosophy into the curriculum. 2002-2003
Intro DVD Intro DVD 2003-2004
Early Language Intervention Awarded a grant to purchase materials necessary for a family-focused early language intervention training program for parents and care givers of young children with speech/ language impairments. 2004-2005
Language Masters` Language Masters helps students who are nonverbal or minimally verbal expand their vocabulary by seeing, hearing, and saying words. Non-readers build intonation, pronunciation, and articulation skills by using the reading cards. 2005-2006
Harley Hopkins Children's Library To promote early formation of literacy skills, this grant provides books and listening activities for the 700 children and their families in the early childhood classrooms at Harley Hopkins including ECFE, the Hopkins Kaleidoscope Program, and ECSE. 2006-2007
Diversity Resource Center Teachers now use relevant, culturally diverse materials to increase learning effectiveness. 2007-2008
STEM for Preschool Hands-on, exploratory STEM materials for Stepping Stones and Harley Hopkins. Read more 2012-2013
‘Get Set for School’ ECSE Curriculum The Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE) team at Harley Hopkins is currently successfully piloting the Get Set for School preschool curriculum. This HEF grant expands Get Set to six sets of materials to enable widespread use among all ECSE classrooms.Read more. 2015-2016
Classroom Supports for Self-Regulations Weighted sensory lap pads, breathing balls, and fidget toys are just a few examples of simple yet effective tools that Harley Hopkins will purchase with this grant. Read more. 2017-2018
Let's Learn About Our Amazing Bodies Preschoolers are naturally curious about how their bodies work (Where does my food go when I eat? What are muscles? Why do I have bones?) and these new hands-on learning materials will provide a fun, exciting way to get those questions answered. Read more 2017-2018
Student Wellness = Student Success 2018 Royal Bash Special Appeal, year one of a two-year initiative. This Special Appeal funds after school mental health centers, a farm-to-table program, and teaching wellness strategies. Learn more 2017-2018
Computerizing the Lending Closet This HEF grant allows for a modern computerized/scanner system to streamline the whole library and greatly increase access to those high-demand learning activities and resources, including the Autism Library. Read more. 2018-2019
Meeting Families Where They Are Early Childhood Special Education Speech-Language Pathologists will help parents promote early communication in their own homes for their child who is communicatively delayed. Through HEF’s grant, the speech pathologists will receive training in ‘It Takes Two to Talk’, a parent-implemented intervention program with a proven track-record of success across a myriad of spoken languages. Read more 2018-2019
Family Connection Nights Family Connection Nights, hosted by Harley Hopkins Family Center, aim to connect these parents and caregivers of special needs children in meaningful ways - in a comfortable environment of support and connection with those who can truly understand and share their daily worries and triumphs. Read more. 2018-2019
SPOT Vision Screener Early Childhood Screening is required for 3-5 year-olds in MN, and it’s an excellent way to identify potential barriers to school success prior to Kindergarten, including vision deficits.Now, thanks to this HEF grant, the SPOT Vision Screener will provide extremely accurate, reliable, and time-saving measurements. Read more. 2019-2020
Early Childhood Partnership Collaboration and a strategic partnership are building a new curriculum around speech pathology for ECFE (Early Childhood Family Education) classes. A speech pathologist from ECSE (Early Childhood Special Education) will provide individual instruction to facilitators and parents during ECFE classes. HEF’s grant will stock the library with multiple informative resources. Read more. 2019-2020
Preschool Social Emotional Curriculum Second Step Early Learning Kits will create a consistent framework across Hopkins Public Schools. The implementation of these kits will help build a strong foundation in social emotional development for the approximately 500 children enrolled in all Hopkins Preschool Programs within the six elementary schools as well as The Harley Hopkins Family Center. Learn more 2019-2020
Mobile Sensory Kits Mobile Sensory Kits are loaner kits full of easily-sanitized sensory processing equipment for preschoolers in the environment of COVID-19. Much more than toys, these weighted blankets, fidget tools, noise cancelling headphones (as a few examples) are designed to be soothing and/or stimulating for Hopkins youngest learners. Learn more. 2020-2021
Distance Learning Kits Distance learning is especially hard on young children with disabilities who require structured, concrete, hands on, functional play-driven and interactive experiences. Families are unable to duplicate the opportunities available in the classroom, so this grant funds the creation of ‘leaning binders’ – 3-ring binders chock full of tools and supplies, along with instructions for many, many engaging games and activities. Learn more 2020-2021
Becoming Anti-Racist and Authentically Inclusive in Early Childhood Early childhood is a critical age group in which to begin the work of anti-racism. This project begins with toys and books that illustrate multiple cultures and includes materials to help staff guide difficult and open conversations between themselves, and among parents. Learn More 2020-2021
Strengthening Anti-Racist Curriculum This relatively small investment will reverberate for years to come, reaching Hopkins’ youngest learners (birth – age 5) and their families with the important work of understanding bias and teaching anti-racism. Learn more 2021-2022

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