Heart Zone Fitness

blink-armband-heart-rate-monitor grants fall 2016gatewood heart zones grants fall 2016Physical health is linked to mental acuity, and the elementary-level Physical Education curriculum is an important part of our students’ learning experience. The use of Blink Armband heart rate monitors for second through sixth graders will help make this curriculum more fun and meaningful, and eventually eliminate the need for traditional testing such as counting push-ups and sit-ups. Students will learn from these tools the skills and games that take them to a healthy level of activity. Older students will engage in developing two-week fitness plans to increase their personal well-being, far more interesting to them than achieving the number of reps indicated on a chart. Staff will lead multiple discussions about the definitions of strength and endurance, and defining what each of these means personally to each student, with the goal of empowering students to pursue safe and healthy active lifestyles.

Awarded Fall 2016
Gatewood Elementary
Submitters: Billy Barringer, Mindy Erdal, Leigh Woodburn

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