History Live

History Live fall grants 2015Minnesota Historical Society experts will use 21st Century technology to ‘transport’ Hopkins students back in time, connecting them to important segments of our country’s history. Students interact via video conference with historians in period costume, effectively bringing these experts into the classroom. Using archives, primary sources and intense research, this virtual field trip takes students on a journey to a time and place as foreign as another planet, making history relevant and comprehensible.

Students will role play and perform physical activity to explore the social and economic conditions of the time, as well as the physical hardships, thoughts and feelings recorded by the actual protagonists. History Live presents MN Social Studies Standards in an exciting, engaging format that immerses students in the curriculum. It also includes enrichment activities to prepare students beforehand to make the most of each lesson.

history live web fall grants 2015All sixth graders will participate in The Great Lakes Fur Trade, exploring the lives of fur traders, voyageurs, and the Ojibwe, and the global economic impact of something as seemingly innocuous as European fashion trends. Seventh graders will be immersed in the political climate and series of events that led to the American Civil War. They’ll take part in The Slavery Debate and the Dred Scott Family, which highlights one family’s fight against slavery in America’s courtrooms.  Click here to see History Live in action!


Awarded Fall 2015
North & West Junior Highs, All Sixth Grades
Submitters: Allegra Smisek, Betsy Julien, Norah Garrison

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