Hopkins High School AVID ACT Calculators Grant – $2,500

This grant is to purchase twenty T1 84 graphing calculators for AVID students taking the ACT exam. They will be used each year in the fall for the seniors, who typically take the ACT in October. Then, they would be used in the spring for the juniors when they take the ACT. They would also be used during classes and could be checked out to students overnight prior to  the ACT exams. 

This award will help students engage and also to remove the barrier of not having the appropriate tools for testing. With the appropriate tools they will be able to practice for the ACT and to improve.  Since most AVID students do not have their own graphing calculator this situation if one based on equity. Having the tools that more privileged students have access to helps us prepare for the exam. Preparation is crucial since this exam will open doors of opportunity and scholarship money for the underrepresented students.


Awarded Fall 2022
Hopkins High School
Submitters: Social Studies Teacher/HHS AVID Advisor Jennifer Heimlich

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