Hopkins High School Student Campaign

Community Blueprint grants fall 2017

Hopkins One Voice and Hopkins High School are partnering in a student engagement campaign, centered around identifying and seeking help for emotional and mental health concerns. HEF, along with Community Ed, will co-fund the assistance of Community Blueprint, a local social marketing company that develops successful campaigns around policy, prevention, and behavior change initiatives. Community Blueprint will work with a Student Advisory Board, a representative group of HHS’s student population, to create messaging around destigmatizing the challenges that today’s teens face.  A key goal of the campaign is to address HOW to get help, as well as equipping students with increased awareness of their peers’ struggles. In the 2016 Minnesota Student Survey, conducted every three years, students have self-reported an increase in long-term (6 months or more) emotional, behavioral, or mental health problem; these are also risk factors for substance use. Taking the initiative and listening to what our students are telling us, is the best way to be proactive to our students’ concerns.

Awarded Fall 2017
Community Education
Submitters: Holly Magdanz, Katie Williams, Doug Bullinger

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