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The table below lists grants that have specifically benefited Hopkins High School.

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Title Description Year
LifeLabs HEF's first grant: A three-year project (1995-98) at Hopkins High School that connected students with the world of work, and then morphed into something much bigger. Read more 1995-1996
Raku Kiln Purchased raku kiln for students to glaze porcelain pottery. 1996-1997
Literary Magazine Supported creation of a literary magazine publishing student work. 1996-1997
Video Camera for Speech Pathology Purchased video camera for Speech Pathology Department. 1997-1998
Water Monitoring Purchased waders for biology students to participate in Minnehaha Creek water-monitoring project. 1997-1998
Costa Rica Trip Partially funded the choir and orchestra music and service trip to Costa Rica. 1997-1998
Future Teachers Created pilot project to teach students to be effective tutors and student teachers, serving all Hopkins K-12 students. 1998-1999
Freshwater Academy Established Freshwater Academy, a full-semester program integrating learning in environmental issues, science, social studies, language arts, and physical education. 1998-1999
International Science and Engineering Fair Encouraged student participation in the International Science and Engineering Fair. 1999-2000
Future Teachers Expanded 1998-1999 pilot program to teach studentsto be effective tutors and student teachers, serving all Hopkins K-12 students. 1999-2000
Drama Course Established classroom drama course. 1999-2000
Leveraging the World-Wide Web Updated and enhanced the HHS Web page. 1999-2000
Ceramic Mural Funded creating a ceramic mural at HHS. 1999-2000
Skills Lab Responsibility Course Skills Lab Responsibility Course 2001-2002
Mobile iBook Computer Due to the increasing demand for computer lab time and the desire to maintain school-wide availability of the four existing computer labs, HEF awarded a grant to develop a mobile mini-lab of wireless network-access laptop computers. The minilab can be wheeled into and set up in any classroom and impacts courses in science and mathematics that have become particularly computer-intensive. Also benefiting from the program are low-enrollment classes such as ESL, special education, basic skills classes and advan 2001-2002
Theater Project Provided funds for materials needed by the Hopkins Alternative Program (HAP) to produce a play at the Hopkins Center for the Arts. 2001-2002
Small Business Model Provided seed money for the HAP "Alternative Sense" business venture, their model small business. 2001-2002
Super Mileage Vehicle Project Supported the building of the Super Mileage Vehicle to be entered in competition. 2001-2002
Dance Class Equipment Purchased materials needed to implement two new dance courses to address diverse interests and fulfill graduation standards. 2001-2002
KHOP Upgrade Upgraded KHOP to High-Definition Television technology. 2001-2002
Special Needs Sexuality Consultant Provided a human sexuality consultant for students with special needs. 2001-2002
Basic Skills for Special Needs Funded basic skills test materials for special services students. 2001-2002
Computer Building Supported the purchase of computer components for the Technology class to build and sell two home computers allowing this educational opportunity to become self-sustaining. 2002-2003
Yearbook Technology Matched funds to replace and upgrade hardware and software used for publishing the yearbook, increasing efficiency and reducing costs in the production of the yearbook and giving the students real world journalistic and publishing skills. 2002-2003
PLATO Software Provided for the purchase of PLATO software for the Hopkins Alternative Program (HAP) allowing students to work at their own pace and level to improve the skills necessary to meet graduation requirements. 2002-2003
Freshwater Academy Freshwater Academy 2002-2003
Links to Learning Theatre Links to Learning Theatre 2002-2003
Home Access for Homework Purchased an Xserve file server giving students access from home to their password-protected file folders on school computers. 2002-2003
Graphic Design Software Supported the acquisition of graphic design software and peripherals for the computers in the art computer lab allowing students to use computers as an “art tool”. 2002-2003
Online Learning Online Learning 2003-2004
Nutrition and Obesity Awarded funds for a health and nutrition program designed to educate students about the positive benefits of appropriate food choices and a physically active lifestyle in order to address the growing problem of obesity. 2003-2004
Educational Advocacy Training Provided support for a program designed to promote academic success beyond high school for students of color by encouraging educational advocacy by and for the students and their parents. 2003-2004
High School Book Clubs Provided funding for Men’s and Women’s Book RAP groups, designed to encourage literacy and create a social setting outside of school to promote reading for enjoyment. 2003-2004
Peer Insights Mentoring Provided funding for programs to complement the Peer Insights class in the FACs department. Outside activities supported by this grant will help build bridges between students with and without disabilities, allowing both groups to learn from each other. 2003-2004
STAR Fund -- HHS Writing Class Awarded $30,000 to restore sections of a writing class, preventing the number of students in those classes from rising to 28 from the current 16-20 students. This allows teachers to give individual, immediate feedback leading to improved writing skills. 2003-2004
Multimedia Cart for Current Events Supported the purchase of a multimedia cart for AP Government and US History courses in order to seamlessly integrate current events into the classroom, accommodate students’ learning styles and expand the classroom beyond the school day through technology. 2004-2005
Off-Campus Pavilion Library Awarded a grant to build a small library for use by at-risk students where they will learn to access resources, actively read and discuss books with a significant adult, and appreciate reading as an active, shared experience. 2004-2005
Links to Learning Theatre Provided funding for the Links to Learning Theatre class, which allows students with special needs the opportunity to experience producing and presenting a play while working on their transition skills with the guidance of mainstream peer coaches. 2004-2005
Peer Insights Peer Insights builds bridges between Hopkins High School students with disabilities and those without disabilities. In addition to learning about each other’s differences and unique abilities, the students go on social outings to focus on teamwork and to foster skills of independence. 2004-2005
AP Euro Project A technology grant for a laptop and projector allows AP History teacher, Carrie Lucking and her class to use pictures, video, music, and interactive online activities. They experience technology as they will when they get out in the real world. 2005-2006
Computer Aided Design High school engineering, woodworking, carpentry and construction students benefit from using Computer Aided Design (CAD) software and an industry standard programmable router table to create three dimensional projects. This software and equipment exposes students to the engineering design process, using a model that is considered state of the art. Read more. 2005-2006
JumpStart for College First-generation college students will have an opportunity to get a JumpStart for College through a summer 2007 workshop. Students will be exposed to post-secondary options and learn about the college search and application process. 2005-2006
Peer Insights Peer Insights builds bridges between Hopkins High School students with disabilities and those without disabilities. In addition to learning about each other’s differences and unique abilities, the students go on social outings to focus on teamwork and to foster skills of independence. 2005-2006
Underground Railroad Simulation An equity-related student empowerment pilot focused on developing strong anti-racist student leadership for Dare to Be Real mentor leaders and for enhancing the educational experience of Advanced Placement U.S. History students at Hopkins High School. 2006-2007
Guidance Counselor Resource Grant With this grant, Hopkins High School was able to add a fifth guidance counselor, reducing the student-counselor ratio to 420 to 1 from a previous 525 to 1. Read more. 2006-2007
Peer Insights Helps students with and without disabilities to learn about one another, how to function in the community, how to interact with one another and how to make friends. The students go on social outings to focus on teamwork and to foster skills of independence. 2006-2007
Modeling Constructive Responses Using Student Work This program gives students the courage to try new problems and improves the quality of their written responses. 2007-2008
College and Career Center Expansion With more staff time, students are able to explore post-secondary options including colleges, technical schools, military options and jobs. 2007-2008
Opening Doors to Post-Secondary Education Students with limited resources now have the opportunity to explore educational options available to them upon graduation. 2007-2008
Men's Choir Curriculum Repertoire This project builds a library of quality repertoire specifically written for men’s voices. 2007-2008
Online Newspaper This project creates an online presence for the HHS newspaper. It also allows student journalists to provide a more immediate publishing service to the school. It integrates photography, video and graphics. It more closely aligns the journalism program with what professional and scholastic journalists are doing around the country. 2007-2008
AVID Middle School Curriculum AVID stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination and strives to improve the performance of all junior high kids in the academic middle. The AVID program includes both an elective course and a building–wide approach with the goal of improving students’ academic skills, their ability to “do school” and become college-ready. 2007-2008
Technical Education: Web Design and Business Marketing This project creates an opportunity for Hopkins High School students to design, create, and maintain an actual web-site for a spirit wear embroidery business. In addition, students will learn how to manage all aspects of a small business. Funds raised by the business will be returned to the students through Spirit Shop grants and sponsorships. 2007-2008
Music Technology Lab This grant is part of a larger project to add a Music Technology Lab at Hopkins High School. The music technology lab builds upon the current instrumental and vocal music offerings to include skills necessary for success in today’s digital music industry. While utilizing GarageBandTM, students will create compositions, learn the art of recording, develop mix down techniques, and create end products such as original CDs and Podcasts. 2007-2008
Enhancing Learning: Revolutions and Cross-Sectional Area of Solids 12 three-dimensional models enable teachers to more effectively teach the revolution of solids and cross-sectional area units offered in calculus and AP calculus curricula. 2007-2008
Calculator Library for Students This grant funds 25 HP graphing calculators for students to checkout at the Media Center. 2008-2009
Exceptional Learning Booster Club This grant helps fund an activity club to support and ensure continuance of small extra-curricular interest communities for gifted learners. 2008-2009
Transmitting Understanding via Active Expressions This grant funds Active ExpressionsTM for use with the Sophomore Academy. 2008-2009
English Language Learners: Family Advisory Committee This pilot program helps create a more equitable home/school partnership by building relationships with ELL families and fostering increased communication with the families and our community. 2008-2009
Auditorium Wireless Sound System New and re-positioned sound equipment now allows the wireless sound system to be properly balanced during performances. Additionally, more antennas and microphones allow large group performances to take full advantage of the auditorium as a performance space. 2009-2010
Environmental Learning and Solar Panels Students will learn about the uses and applications of solar (PV) panels by taking an active approach to learning. Allowing students to interact with on-site solar panels combined with environmental education, will give them a better understanding of how multi-disciplinary issues interact with each other, thus leading to improved decision-making skills. 2009-2010
Men's Choir Curriculum Repertoire Music specially written for high school voices helps teach concepts of harmonic structure, intonation, tone quality and more.A diverse, quality library is needed to address the range of teenage male voices.HEF’s grant helps complete the core of the men’s chorus library. 2009-2010
Teaching Science with Technology A combined grant and special appeal funded hand-held and desktop computers in science labs in both junior highs and the high school. With these computers, our students are able to analyze data, research online and understand which sources are credible, interpret the information, connect with scientists around the world and then develop multi-media presentations, just like our “real world scientists.”echnology 2009-2010
Teaching Science with Technology A combined grant and special appeal funded hand-held and desktop computers in science labs in both junior highs and the high school. With these computers, our students are able to analyze data, research online and understand which sources are credible, interpret the information, connect with scientists around the world and then develop multi-media presentations, just like our “real world scientists.” 2009-2010
'Reflections' Literary Magazine The “Reflections” magazine showcasing student work is back! Works include short stories, poems, essays, photography, and artwork. The H.E.F. grant provides the start up costs. Sales will fund future editions of the magazine. 2010-2011
Buzz for Learning Electronic buzzer systems encourage quick answers and a fun way to learn. Buzzers are used for academic teams to practice for competitions and are available to high school classroom teachers for games to help students review for tests. 2010-2011
Mathematics Lab: Real-World Applications Interactive labs will increase academic performance because students can apply concepts from each unit to real world mathematical situations. Using TI-Nspire CX math technology, the program provides concrete applications so students understand how the study of math is relevant to their life beyond school. 2010-2011
Career Paths to Independence Practical Assessment Exploration System (PAES) provides vocational curriculum and assessment tools to simulate a work environment for students with Individual Education Plans. Exploring career/vocational areas, the program encourages students to become as independent as possible. 2010-2011
Environmental Solar Panels Additional funding for environmental solar panels grant 2009-2010
Roll 'Em -- Video Cameras for Language Assessment Small groups of world language students can now easily record their conversations with Flip cameras. Read more 2011-2012
Making College a Reality for English Language Learners This innovative parent involvement program works with families of English Language Learners to explain the college process and help families better prepare their students. Read more 2011-2012
Be Your Dream Academic Coaching Professional life coaches will provide one on one coaching for students and workshops for teachers, staff, and parents. Read more 2011-2012
Be Your Dream Academic Coaching Professional life coaches will provide one on one coaching for students and workshops for teachers, staff, and parents. Read more 2012-2013
Enhancing Teen Literacy via eBooks Students in grades 7-12 will have 24/7 online access to 900 titles of popular fiction and nonfiction e-books. Read more 2012-2013
Let's Talk! and Job Talk! Curricula to teach critical work- and life-related skills to students with special needs. Read more 2012-2013
Academic Support Center Teachers and student mentors provide after-school homework assistance in math, science, and language arts. Read more 2012-2013
Green Gatehouse Structural Plan HHS Earth Club designs 'green' parking attendant structure. Read more 2013-2014
Mobile Music Recording and Production Lab Music technology students can produce high quality recordings. Read more 2013-2014
Bringing Drama to the Classroom A mobile stage to enable classroom teachers to integrate dramatic presentation into regular curriculum. Read more 2013-2014
Academic Support Center The Academic Support Center at the high school provides tutoring experiences in the areas of math, writing and science to any student who is willing to put in the time. Read more 2013-2015
STEM2: Boosting the Power of STEM Beyond the Classroom Royal Bash 2014 Special Appeal, year two of a two-year initiative. This Special Appeal grant propelled Hopkins’ STEM curriculum beyond the traditional school day — before school, after school, during breaks, and in the summer. Read more 2013-2014
Choir Festival A concert presented to sixth graders by the upper level choirs. Read more 2014-2015
Full STEAM Ahead Bash 2015 Special Appeal, year one of a three-year initiative. This Special Appeal funded Stages Theater for K. Service projects for JH. Career lectures for HHS. Read more 2014-2015
Shifting to New Concepts in Literacy HEF is partnering with the Hopkins School District to send nine teachers to train next summer in successful research-based adolescent literacy education for junior high and high school students. These teachers will in turn train others in the District in these ‘best practices’. Read more. 2015-2016
Increasing Success and Rigor in Advanced Placement This HEF grant funds initial access to Albert.io, online practice multiple choice questions with immediate results and feedback. This vehicle targets higher achievement by allowing students to practice fact-based knowledge at home. Read more. 2015-2016
A capella Enhanced with Technology This grant funds equipment to enhance the overall quality of Hopkins’ renowned vocal music program. Read more. 2015-2016
Full STEAM Ahead Bash 2016 Special Appeal, year two of a three-year initiative. This Special Appeal funded Stages Theater for K. Implementing a service curriculum for JH. Expanded career lectures for HHS. Read more 2015-2016
Kiva U Club: Investing in the World -- Awesome Fund Grant The new student-led Kiva U Club's goal is to involve more students at HHS, fundraise, and to loan at least $50 in each of the 27 countries represented by HHS students. Read more 2016-2017
ACT Online Test Prep With this grant, every HHS student's Chromebrook will have Albert.io software, providing skill-strengthening activities and practice ACT tests. Read more 2016-2017
Permanent Recording and Playback System Permanent installation of a recording/playback system in each of the 3 large music practice rooms in HHS is a simple – yet huge – enhancement to the high school’s music program. Directors can record and play back a few measures for review, or an entire week-old rehearsal to measure progress. Learn more. 2016-2017
Edquity: Preparing for College with Finances in Mind Edquity is a software program for juniors and seniors in the AVID program - often the first of their family to go to college - to curate a list of feasible colleges based on GPA, ACT/SAT scores, and financial factors. Read more. 2017-2018
¡A Bailar! Latin Dance Club Salsa! Merengue! Cumbia! HEF will fund a residency conducted by professional Latin dancers Yeniel Chini Perez and Hanna Kuluvar Esparza. They will teach some of the most popular dances of the Spanish-speaking world in this after school club. Read more. 2017-2018
A Force to Be Reckoned with -- Awesome Fund Grant With HEF’s Awesome Fund grant, The Technocrats will build a West Coast Drivetrain, enabling their robot to be light and agile, more reliable, and reduce the overall number of needed parts. Read more 2017-2018
Powerful Young Women Pay It Forward This Awesome Fund grant will help expand the scope of Girls United MN, run by girls for girls, on a mission to empower and inspire the next generation of women leaders. These 80 young women at Hopkins High School are promoting STEM career paths and positive body image, introducing professional women as inspiration, and discussing multiple social issues with their peers. Read more 2017-2018
Love Yourself Project HEF is funding the Love Yourself project, a campaign to promote positive messages of self confidence, self esteem, and body image, with the goal of improving student wellness. Read more 2017-2018
Student Wellness = Student Success 2018 Royal Bash Special Appeal, year one of a two-year initiative. This Special Appeal funds after school mental health centers, a farm-to-table program, and teaching wellness strategies. Learn more 2017-2018
Opportunity=Access=Achievement: Closing the ACT Opportunity Gap The ACT test is a high-stakes ‘entrance exam’ for college-bound students. HHS will offer a class specifically for those who have the desire, but not the means, to crack open this sometimes elusive window to higher education. Read more 2018-2019
Weightlifting Club Current members of the new HHS Weightlifting Club (5 male, 1 female) hope to increase their number as they increase their individual strength. The Awesome Fund is adding to the basic equipment purchased by Hopkins High School; the expanded variety will improve participants’ technique and form. Read more 2018-2019
Technocrats Robotics Club The Technocrats FIRST Robotics Club is taking their West Coast Drivetrain on the road to Alerus Center in Grand Forks, North Dakota for the Great Northern Regional Competition. The Technocrats will not find out the ‘game’ for the 2019 contest until January 5th, and then have six weeks to design, build and test their robot for competition. Read more 2018-2019
Gender Sexuality Alliance Hopkins Education Foundation (HEF), through its Awesome Fund, has awarded a $365 grant to the Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA), a social activism group that works to promote an understanding of, and educate the student body in, LGBTQ+ issues. Read more 2018-2019
Creating a Speech Team A group of five students is intent to restore Hopkins’ Speech Team after a lapse of inaction. The club’s goal is to increase public speaking opportunities and ability for any interested student, and also foster interest in writing. Learn more 2018-2019
Student Art 'Zine This seed money will help print the first edition of ‘Reflections’, the re-booted annual art magazine, last offered in 2016-17. An editorial team of 5-10 students is eager to offer a voice and showcase for their peers’ creativity while learning the process of publishing a magazine. Learn more 2018-2019
Inspirational Canvas Paintings The 80 members of Girls United MN, an established club at HHS, are embarking on a rigorous public relations campaign. They will create and post empowering positive quotes, pictures and affirmations in Hopkins High School girls’ bathrooms. Learn more 2018-2019
Smart-Pens Promote Independence This pilot project has the very specific goal of breaking down barriers that keep students from meeting their full potential. Echo Smart-Pens offer students on the Autism spectrum the ability to keep up with the rigor they are capable of – while remaining in the general education classroom. Read more. 2018-2019
Student Wellness = Student Success 2019 Royal Bash Special Appeal, year two of a two-year initiative. This Special Appeal funds after school mental health centers, a farm-to-table program, and teaching wellness strategies. Learn more 2018-2019
Student Wellness = Student Success 2019 Royal Bash Special Appeal, year two of a two-year initiative. This Special Appeal funds after school mental health centers, a farm-to-table program, and teaching wellness strategies. Learn more 2018-2019
Breezin' Thru Theory Music theory is the study of how musicians and composers literally make music, including tuning systems and composition methods, and it’s not easy. In this new approach, all HHS Choir students will now have access to Breezin’ Thru Theory, an online theory curriculum. Read more. 2019-2020
EmpowerU EmpowerU is a highly personalized, online social-emotional course with embedded daily coaching from trained therapists. It is designed to overcome the kind of crippling anxiety that causes withdrawal and absenteeism. Read more. 2019-2020
La Oportunidad La Oportunidad’s Young Professionals is a 15-session weekly afterschool curriculum focused on educating and empowering Latino/a young people. Taught through a cultural lens, it focuses on career opportunities, developing skills for higher education and/or the workplace, the practical aspects of applying to post-secondary ed and finding the funds to pay for it. Read more. 2019-2020
Green Halls The 40+ students of Green Halls are on a mission to create a welcoming and connected environment by integrating plants throughout the halls of Hopkins High School. Read more 2019-2020
Gender and Sexuality Alliance The Gender and Sexuality Alliance will host Qrom (Queer Prom), an annual LGBT inclusive prom for students across Minnesota. The event creates a safe space free of judgement, and empowers LGBT students and their allies to meet other LGBT youth and build community. Read more 2019-2020
TampAction This group of determined young women is focused on eliminating menstrual stigma. They will provide high quality period products free of charge in an ‘Aunt Flow’ product dispenser at HHS. Read more 2019-2020
Girls Taking Action A chapter of Girls Taking Action (GTA) has started at Hopkins High School with the exciting long-term goals of creating a nurturing and supportive community for our young women of color, of fostering a deeper connection between them and their school, and of empowering them to envision the many options in their future beyond high school. Learn more 2019-2020
Calming Corners Food Shelf and Breakfast Carts is part of the 2020-2022 Pathways to a Healthier Future Special Appeal. Learn more. 2019-2020
Bigs Tutoring HEF’s Awesome Fund for student clubs has awarded $1,000 to Bigs Tutoring, an inspiring group of Hopkins High School upperclassmen and alumni providing tutoring via video. This grant is the equivalent of 67 hours of tutoring, which will allow Bigs to offer free and reduced-price services to any student who needs it while proving a stipend to tutors. Learn more. 2020-2021
Albert.io This user-friendly platform for AP History has received a big thumbs up from HHS students and staff in the past, and the ability for HEF to pick up the funding this year has been crucial for distance learners. Learn more 2020-2021
ACT Prep Class How to Take the ACT offers equitable access to 11th grade scholars who traditionally do not have the means to take a class like this, and helps to level the playing field with their peers. As these students are already in distance learning, access to the online class will be free; this grant pays for the tutor’s time to work with, guide and support the students. Learn more 2020-2021
DJ Club The new DJ Club will serve multiple purposes: a terrific creative outlet for students, a future replacement for the expensive DJ’s hired for prom and school dances, and cafeteria entertainment for students during lunch hour. This Awesome Fund grant is the seed money for the necessary equipment that will be used for years to come. Learn more 2020-2021
Girls United Wellness Kits Girls United’s board of leaders will put together wellness kits for their active members, to help relieve stress and isolation, and build community as they gather online. Learn more 2020-2021
Personalized Literacy This grant purchases ‘flash fiction’ anthologies – good writing with high rigor that can be consumed in a single sitting (one hour). It allows for personalized learning and engagement, choice of material reflective of many cultures, and skill development through small-group literary circles. Learn more. 2021-2022
Hopkins Speedcubing Club This Awesome Fund Grant will purchase a variety of cubes for the clubbers to practice with and enhance their skills. As they learn strategy together, they intend to host demos at HHS to engage potential new members, and envision competing at some point in World Cube Association (WCA) events in the Twin Cities. Learn more. 2021-2022
Video Production Club This Awesome Fund Grant enables the Video Production Club to grow their stable of equipment and props. Grant applicant Sidney Gelperin explains, “We will learn how to use cameras, editing software, and framing… and to captivate an audience through different styles of video production.” Learn more. 2021-2022
Beautiful Education This program builds a historical understanding of hair culture and teaches time management, preparation, basic hygiene etiquette, and experiential learning while being professionally taught and supervised with skill-based learning. 2021-2022
Jazz Cooks! This grants provides a jazz instructor from the MacPhail Center weekly for a school year to teach student musicians jazz ensemble skills, including Black American history, improvisation and performance practices. Learn more. 2021-2022
Royal Voices Library Yes, Hopkins student, YOUR creative visions may someday become published works shared with the world! Need proof? Look no further than the impressive array of Royal Voices, a new special collection coming soon to the HHS Media Center, exclusively containing the published works of your Hopkins alumni. Learn more 2021-2022
TEACCH Model Shoebox Tasks The LTL (Links to Learning) Compass Program, in which students receive highly specialized instruction, has grown over the past several years. Many participants have Autism Spectrum Disorder or developmental cognitive delays, both of which prevent them from participating in traditional vocational programs. The TEACCH Model kits that HEF is funding are a set of 37 durable projects. Learn more 2021-2022
Personalized Learning and Virtual Meeting Booths Two sound-proof glass booths in the Hopkins High School Media Center will be installed to offer private – yet supervised – space for students to conduct college interviews or visits, PSEO classes and/or presentations, virtual medical or therapy appointments, and quiet work spaces for test-make-ups, creating podcasts, etc.. Learn more 2021-2022
Culture Night at HHS For the Culture is a club dedicated to learning about and appreciating the many cultures represented in Hopkins Public Schools. The $600 award funds Culture Night at Hopkins High School, an exciting inclusive event showcasing dancers, singers and foods representing Somalia, the Philippines and some Hispanic cultures. . 2021-2022
Robotics Swerve Drivetrain The Hopkins Robotics Team have asked HEF for $1,500 to create a robot with Swerve Drivetrain for use in testing and possibly in future competitions. The team will learn CAD, electronics wiring, programming, and mechanical assembly. Learn more 2021-2022
Esports Equipment Hopkins VAL is the Esports (electronic sports) club, 40 students strong, who will use this $800 Awesome Fund award to purchase 12 sets of gaming mice and mouse pads. These special mice have extra-sensitive sensors for increased accuracy and responsiveness, to increase player abilities. Learn more 2021-2022
Technocrats Go To World Championship Continuing HEF’s long-standing support for Hopkins Robotics’ Technocrats, HEF’s Awesome Fund has awarded a stipend of $1,600 to help the team travel to Houston, Texas in May for the 2022 FIRST World Championships. Learn more 2021-2022

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