Increasing Engagement and Rigor

Fall Grants 2019 Increasing Engagement and RigorGlen Lake staff have fully undertaken the Hopkins’ Vision 2031 mission to disrupt the current system. They have been planning and collaborating to create a culture of innovation and intend to reimagine teaching with the following goals: innovate and transform both teacher and student experience, close the achievement gap, increase student and staff engagement, and infuse high academic rigor with active student engagement. HEF’s grant is sending a team of six to Educator Training at The Ron Clark Academy (RCA) – a preeminent lab school for fourth-eighth grade in Atlanta Georgia with similar demographics to Hopkins. RCA has an incredibly successfully track record of teaching to the standards that are two grades ahead, and is focused on student engagement, rigor, and a climate and culture that promote creativity, innovation, wonder, joy, and passion for learning. Staff will observe master teachers, attend workshops, and collaborate with educators from around the country, bringing back proven methods and new strategies to share with Glen Lake and the Hopkins community.

Awarded Fall 2019
Glen Lake Elementary
Submitters: Anne Kuffel, Elizabeth Nemec, Colette Kastner, Maria Williams, Jeff Radel, Dee DenHartog

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