Increasing Success and Rigor in Advanced Placement

Rigor GrantMore than 1/3 of HHS students are currently enrolled in Advanced Placement classes (AP), which offer college credit in return for a high test score. This HEF grant funds initial access to, online practice multiple choice questions with immediate results and feedback. This vehicle targets higher achievement by allowing students to practice fact-based knowledge at home. The AP instructor can then focus class time on essay writing, critical thinking skills, and the FRQ’s (free response questions) that students must master to do well on the AP tests – and are critical skills in any post-secondary endeavor. facilitates higher retention, allowing students with less basic subject knowledge to catch up to their peers at home while still learning the critical ‘soft’ skills taught in class. Scaffolding allows students to move ahead as needed; the online quizzes revisit material as necessary, and the feedback that students receive also teaches them how to choose the best answer when the ‘right’ answer does not seem to be one of the choices presented. was recently piloted in one AP class at HHS. The students found it challenging and helpful, and valued the immediate feedback. Working at their own pace gave students a deeper understanding of material presented in class. Based on test scores, it was deemed a very successful pilot.

The eventual goal of this project is to increase overall participation in AP classes by reducing the intimidation factor and leveling the playing field for those who feel less prepared for AP rigor.


Awarded Spring 2016
Hopkins High School
Submitters: Bethany Ocar, John Sammler

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