Innovate Recess Grant – $4,000

Further expounding on Tanglen’s previous HEF Innovation Lab Grant which challenges, creates, constructs and connects students, the Innovate Recess Grant is the dream of Library Media Generalist Holly Thompson coming to fruition. This grant will create opportunities for all Tanglen students to be part of small groups that visit the Innovation Lab once a week during recess time to participate in make-and-take-projects and varying focused challenges.  Partnering the activities and challenges with Tanglen’s rotating character strengths and coinciding books will enable students to make social-emotional learning connections when participating in difficult and fun projects. 

This Innovate Recess Grant will not only provide learning but also engaging and enjoyable alternatives to playground play. Knowing that many students prefer spending their down time in creative ways rather than being physical, and mentally stimulated instead of in open free play, the Innovate Recess grant also hones in many students’ need for more time engaged in challenging activity in both controlled and lively environments. “When kids are relaxed, feel safe, and don’t have the pressure of school work, they can feel freer to make mistakes and lift others up around them,” explains Thompson.

Removing the barriers of lacking time and previously derived ideas of recess, the Innovate Recess Grant will give Tanglen students more choices as they consider how to fill their recess time and serve as a fresh opportunity for them to try something new.



Awarded Fall 2022
Tanglen Elementary School
Submitter: Library Media Generalist Holly Thompson

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