Jazz Cooks: Afro-Cuban and Salsa Combos – $5,600

Building on a renewed interest in jazz, this year’s edition of the Jazz Cooks Grant partners with the culturally-authentic combo known as Salsa Del Soul. Focusing on establishing jazz as a curricular offering during terms three and four of the current school year, with the intent to develop greater diversity in instrumental programming and musical experiences while bringing  Teacher Nora Tycast’s desire to fruition and shining a spotlight on the Afro-Cuban and Salsa Combos, some of the earliest forms of Latin jazz. This fall’s Jazz Cooks Grant aims not only to further interest and engagement of Hopkins High School students but also to increase performance opportunities, Latinx student engagement and Latinx artist elevation. 

Students will work with some of the finest Twin Cities-based talents who make up the combo Salsa Del Soul. This recognized group of musicians has been performing various styles of dance music, from the Spanish-speaking Caribbean, throughout the midwest for the last decade. Hopkins High School students will glean from their expertise and create performances representative of the wide range of Afro-Cuban and Pan Latinx jazz styles, performing Latinx artists and styles in a way that the HHS student body is interested in but has not previously seen in a curricular ensemble. We can’t wait to hear this Jazz Cooks: Afro-Cuban and Salsas Combos Grant play out! 

The Jazz Cooks: Afro-Cuban and Salsa Combos Grant was awarded $5,600.


Awarded Fall 2022
Hopkins High School
Submitter: Band Teacher Nora Tycast

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