Katherine Curren

The table below lists grants that have specifically benefited Katherine Curren Elementary school.  The second table lists grants that benefit all Hopkins elementary schools.

Katherine Currin grants

Title Description Year
Stock Market Game Purchased computer software incorporating the use of technology in the study of the stock market, a hot dog stand business, and supply and demand theory. 1996-1997
Success Maker Software Purchased Success Maker, computer courseware to increase student achievement in math and reading. 1997-1998
Respect and Reflect Supported "Respect and Reflect Room," teaching positive behaviors, supporting developmental assets, and creating resiliency in children. 1999-2000
Youth Frontiers Helped fund joint initiative between Hopkins Schools and Youth Frontiers focused on character development. Learn more. 2000-2001
Responsive Classroom Supported staff development on the Responsive Classroom which helps to create communities where children feel understood, safe, valued and respected. 2001-2002
Math Enrichment Provided funds for staff to enrich fifth grade math and writing skills. 2001-2002
Guided Reading Funded a guided reading program providing 1,200 books for students ranging from pre-readers to fluent readers in three grades. 2001-2002
Staff Training Staff Training 2001-2002
Read Naturally Provided funds for software for the reading support program Read Naturally, which improves reading fluency and comprehension. 2002-2003
Resiliency Educattion Provided a matching grant for a week of resiliency education from the Climb Theater’s Teaching Company, benefiting the entire school. 2002-2003
Success Maker Software Purchased Success Maker, computer courseware to increase student achievement in math and reading. 2002-2003
Amplification System Awarded a grant to fund the installation of amplification systems in third grade classrooms to enhance students’ listening and learning behaviors by minimizing background noise. Read more 2003-2004
Africa Residencey Funded a grant to provide the two-week residency, Africa to America, in each school for fourth grade students. Taught by Soli Hughes, students are actively engaged in the learning of the Afro-American experience with the goal of increasing understanding and embracing different lifestyles and traditions. 2004-2005
Enhanced Library This grant updates the library collection at Katherine Curren Elementary in order to better match students’ interest and reading level. 2005-2006

Grants for All Elementary Schools

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