Kiva Microfinance: Making a Difference in the Third World

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This is an exciting addition to the eighth grade International Baccalaureate’s (IB) global studies curriculum. Students, collaborating in groups of three, will get the opportunity to invest in someone’s future. After first heavily researching entrepreneurs in developing Third World countries, each group will choose a small business to receive a $25 loan. The group must present their research and track the outcome of their investment.



FALL GRANTS 2015 KivaAs they apply what they have learned, students will discover the huge impact that a seemingly small gesture can make, and grow their connection to the larger world. Kiva U is an established program for students, and the repayment rate is 98%; this money will be re-invested again and again by future eighth graders, deepening the culture of service at our junior high schools, and expanding connections across the globe.  Learn more about Kiva U.


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At the WE Day event in the Fall 2016, Hopkins North Junior High was recognized for excellence in service learning. The work with Kiva funded by this grant was highlighted.  Read more.





Awarded Fall 2015
North and West Junior Highs
Submitters: Allegra Smisek, Debbie Hahn, Kim Campbell


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