La Oportunidad

Fall Grants 2019 La OportunidadLa Oportunidad’s Young Professionals is a 15-session weekly afterschool curriculum focused on educating and empowering Latino/a young people. Taught through a cultural lens, it focuses on career opportunities, developing skills for higher education and/or the workplace, the practical aspects of applying to post-secondary ed and finding the funds to pay for it. Latino students at HHS are the most disconnected, with the highest chances of dropping out; they deserve a sense of family or community at school in order to reach their full potential of a brilliant future. The goal with this voluntary curriculum is to meet more than 50 students where they are, support their life-school-work balance with individualized instruction, and to offer further support as they follow their career and academic dreams. Another goal is to make this a permanent part of HHS’s offerings. La Oportunidad’s middle school programming is provided at North Junior High (also originated from a HEF grant) and is focused on self-esteem and relationships, and a wonderful lead-in into Young Professionals.

Awarded Fall 2019
Hopkins High
Submitters: Tim Owen, Kim Foster Rodrigues

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