LabQuest2 Technology Update

LabQuest2 updates our spring 2010 grant and special appeal to create “Real World Scientists” and represents a significant step forward in continuing efforts to expose Hopkins students to STEM. These next generation hand-held data collection tools are built for the 21st Century science lab and integrate wirelessly with iPads used by students on a daily basis. The tool allows students’ to measure, collect and capture data, while performing a variety of experiments.
Lab Quest 2 picture
LabQuest2 devices allow students greater flexibility, permitting them to:

  • download data to their iPads,
  • independently run and monitor experiments,
  • create, label and manipulate their own graphs,
  • demonstrate their own results, and
  • provide teachers with a clear indicator of each student’s understanding of the concepts.

The seamless integration with iPads further demonstrates the symbiosis between science and technology.

Each student in 9th grade participates in a required physical science course, and will have use of LabQuest2 and its exciting new capabilities. The devices will be utilized in a majority of the labs throughout the entire course beginning this winter. LabQuest1’s will be passed on to 8th grade earth science and 7th grade life science curriculum, to replace traditional thermometers. They’ll allow for more accurate data collection, as well as provide yet another demonstration of the exciting applications of technology in science.

Awarded Fall 2013
North Junior High, West Junior High
Submitters: Timothy Nefzger, Johannah Olson


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