¡Leamos! (Let’s Read!)

Let's Read grant presentation pictureThis grant funded the purchase of 200 Spanish-language teen novels that will build literacy and interest in reading.

Before this grant, North Junior High’s library collection had no Spanish books. But the school is home to the Juntos program, to English language learners with Spanish as their first language, to students with Spanish spoken at home, as well as to many Spanish Language students. This grant will serve more than 460 students, with projected growth in the number of students served.

North Junior High promotes literacy by requiring silent reading every day. With this grant, students whose first language is Spanish will have the opportunity to read for enjoyment at higher literacy levels. Students studying Spanish as a second language can choose to employ their silent reading time to increase their language proficiency. And the ability to take home Spanish novels will expand the availability of literature to the students’ families, as well.

Once this initial collection is in place, Spanish books will be acquired with regularity within the existing book budget, including science-focused titles.

Awarded Spring 2013
North Junior High
Submitters: Angie Endo, Erik Thompson, Janet Eckhoff

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