Learning with Heart

Kindergarten creates a strong foundation for literacy, and this grant provides tools and resources, such as Kid Lips picture cards, to support the earliest learners in all four Kindergarten sections at Tanglen. These well-researched, student-centered resources, beautifully align with Hopkins’ Learning Framework, and are especially needed now. Because teachers and students are wearing masks and can’t see each other’s mouths, students need additional support in imitating and producing accurate letter sounds. Kid Lips picture cards offer an invaluable resource because they show the correct placement of lips, teeth and tongue.

Staff is creating a more engaging student-centered Kindergarten learning experience that seamlessly integrates the science of reading with the proven Reggio Emilia approach, to bolster both the love of reading and foundational literacy skills. The Reggio Emilia philosophy “views young children as individuals who are curious about their world and have the potential to learn from all that surrounds them.” Teachers are the guides who design learning experiences based on student interests rather than relying solely on a curriculum. Staff is excited about this grant and looking for a growth of 50% in reading assessment from fall to spring (including students at risk).

Awarded Fall 2021
Tanglen Elementary
Submitter: Anne Baird

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