Let’s Learn About Our Amazing Bodies

Preschoolers are naturally curious about how their bodies work (“Where does my food go when I eat? What are muscles? Why do I have bones?”) and these new hands-on learning materials will provide a fun, exciting way to get those questions answered. Students will gain an understanding of (and accurate terminology for) digestion, the cardio-vascular system, the brain and skeletal system. They’ll also learn simple, meaningful ways to keep their bodies healthy – such as the value of exercise and good food choices. Interactive body puzzles and take-apart models, kits for exploring the five senses, human X-rays, games, even model skeletons – will teach the functions of the major organs and systems. Clear, simple explanations and hands-on materials, guided by their teachers, will have students understanding how wondrous they really are, and the importance of taking care of their amazing bodies.

Awarded Spring 2018
Preschool and Early Childhood Programs
Submitters: Ann Aenestad, Kim Groenke, Lucy Lyons, Kathy Willett

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