Log Cabin Outdoor Learning

Fall Grants 2019 Log Cabin Outdoor LearningA new child-sized log cabin will be added to the outdoor preschool play area in this collaboration among all early learning programs at Meadowbrook. As staff model care and concern for nature and the environment, preschoolers will be guided in activities designed to develop essential skills, observe changes in nature, and work cooperatively. There will also be ample time for free hands-on creative play and self-directed activities. Nature is calming and engaging, and students are better prepared to focus on academics when they have more time outdoors. A science gathering area specific to STEM will contain binoculars, magnifying glasses, science notebooks, etc. to ignite the imagination. The log cabin is an exciting opportunity for experiential learning where young students’ natural curiosity will lend greater meaning to learning.

Awarded Fall 2019
Meadowbrook Elementary PreSchool
Submitters: Ann Aanestad, Shanyn Dick, Maggie Georgopoulos-Fenke

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