Longboarding and Community Service






Project Based Learning (PBL), in the form of HEF-funded canoe building, was a highlight two years ago for Alice Smith sixth graders, and a fantastic way to end their year. This spring, HEF will fund the construction of 20 shared longboards for current sixth graders, an exciting hands-on learning opportunity with returning assistance from Urban Boatbuilders of St. Paul. The Youth Longboard Program immerses students in the project from start to finish: collaboration, design, Math and science skills, handling tools and wood burning, and last but certainly not least, instruction in riding longboards (helmets will be worn). The 6th graders will celebrate the end of the year by serving their community – riding through local neighborhoods, picking up litter. Distance Learning students are invited to school to join in on the eight sessions with Urban Boatbuilders or can participate virtually if they choose. Longboards will remain at Alice Smith for use by future 6th grade students.

Awarded Spring 2021
Alice Smith Elementary 6th Grade
Submitters: Maggie Lund, Mykenna Yesnes

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