Mandala Stone Painting

Fall Grants 2019 Mandala Stone PaintingMandalas are geometric figures – usually circles – created with repeating patterns, shapes or colors, by many different cultures all over the globe, and have been used for centuries for mediation and personal transformation. Mandalas are fun and simple to engage in, soothing, stress-relieving and engrossing, and have been used as art therapy. At NJH, all students will get the opportunity to create mandalas by painting dot designs on stones they can take home. The real prize in this project is not the beautiful final creation, but in the therapeutic act of slowing down to create something, of practicing and achieving balance, in the social emotional learning achieved when firing the creative side of the brain, and in the connectedness of an activity the entire school can participate in.

Awarded Fall 2019
North Junior High
Submitters: Laura Keogh, Jackee Miller, Emma Randolph

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