Math Intervention Manipulatives

HEF, in conjunction with a generous donation from Caryl and Ernest Pierson, awarded this 2014 grant to the District Math Department for intervention services at the elementary level.

Math Intervention Manipulates presentation pictureLearning Math can be fun, challenging, and exciting – and is most definitely necessary. District Math Specialists offer intervention to help students grapple with an individually difficult discipline by making it fun. Research shows that manipulatives (cubes, blocks, number cards, fraction circles) play a large positive role in intervention, and are used with students before, during and after school. With this grant, the District has sufficient materials to fill the needs at all of our elementary schools, as well as support the professional development and coaching to train additional staff in the optimal use of these tools.

Manipulatives are physical objects specifically designed to offer concrete, hands-on understanding of mathematical concepts. Some students learn math concepts best by picking up and handling objects that represent designated quantities. When kids can actually see and feel the numbers in their hands, abstract concepts like subtraction, division, and fractions become real and understandable.

Awarded Spring 2014
All Elementary Schools
Submitters: Susan Gruidl, Michele Luke, Teresa Van Batavia

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