Meadowbrook Elementary School Grants

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The table below lists grants that have specifically benefited Meadowbrook Elementary school.

Watch the video to learn more about the impact that HEF grants have on the students at Meadowbrook Elementary School.

HEF also provides grants that benefit all the elementary schools.  See them here.

View the district map showing a summary of grants for each school here.

Title Description Year
Youth Frontiers Helped fund joint initiative between Hopkins Schools and Youth Frontiers focused on character development. Learn more. 2000-2001
Booster Camp HEF awarded a grant for a four day “Booster Camp” experience for children entering the first grade who need additional reading instruction. 2001-2002
English Language Learner Boost Created a pilot program to provide additional basic reading instruction for English Language Learners 2001-2002
Reggio Emilio Approach for Early Childhood Education A matching grant was awarded to Stepping Stones, an all day program for four-year-olds, located at Meadowbrook and Gatewood to integrate the Reggio Emilia philosophy into the curriculum. 2002-2003
Readers' Workshop Granted funds to continue the Reading Workshop program for Grades 5 and 6 providing a week-long concentrated reading intervention aimed at English Language Learner (ELL) students and others who struggle with reading. 2002-2003
LEGO Educational Materials LEGO Educational Materials allows students at Meadowbrook Elementary to apply science, technology, engineering and math concepts through hands-on activities with levers, gears, pulleys, wheels and axles; motorized simple machines; and renewable energy. 2005-2006
Second Grade Reading Support This grant provides more cartridges for the Leap PadTM system, an instructional technology that offers interactive, multi-sensory instruction to struggling young readers. 2007-2008
Personal Math Manipulatives Much of a children's math sense is developed through play. This grant provides diecuts of math manipulatives so that hands-on math play can occur in classrooms and continue at home. 2008-2009
Meadowbrook Culture Club Funds from this grant re-establish the Meadowbrook Culture Club, which hosts 3 all-school multi-cultural events. 2008-2009
Classroom Stability Balls This grant funds stability balls for one classroom. Stability balls promote physical fitness as well as encourage better focus on instruction. 2008-2009
Active Learning for the Classroom Using stability balls, this pilot program helps teachers evaluate how to focus students’ attention and learning in new ways along with integrating opportunities for physical activity beyond the gym class. 2009-2010
Stand Up for Learning Stand-Up desks allow students an ergonomically sound way to stand up, sit down, stretch, fidget and even move about - all while staying alert and focused on classroom instruction. 2009-2010
Classroom iPad Pilot Project With 30 new iPads and training for teachers, Meadowbrook is testing a new computing model. The iPads provide opportunities to select and download educational “apps” and eBooks. 2009-2010
iPod Listening Centers Books with audio CDs for iPod to enhance the Daily Five. Read more 2012-2013
Literacy Intervention Exciting, well-paced materials to help bring struggling readers to grade level. Read more 2013-2014
RoboSquad – Bringing STARBASE to Elementary Fourth and fifth graders across the District are attending STARBASE Minnesota, a Department of Defense program that utilizes a mission to Mars as the vehicle to introduce practical fun applications of engineering and science principles. RoboSquad brings STARBASE back to Hopkins. This pilot program consists of building and manipulating twelve Lego programmable robots. Read more. 2015-2016
Bakken Museum STEM Residency Through a partnership with the Bakken Museum, third graders will design solutions to engineering problems using inquiry, creation, planning, collaboration, and good old-fashioned trial and error. Read more 2016-2017
Read, Read, Read! Physical books possess an intangible power that cannot be found in a device. Adroitly harnessing that power can turn even reluctant students into passionate life-long readers. Read more 2016-2017
Everyone Making Music Togethter Xylophones, metallophones, and glockenspiels – these instruments are perfectly tailored to engage budding musicians, specifically in grades K-2, and are completely adjustable for each student. This grant doubles Meadowbrook’s inventory to allow every student in class to play at once rather than in shifts Read more. 2018-2019
Lab Packs: Rethinking Homework As an innovative pilot alternative to traditional homework, Meadowbrook third graders will take home weekly tote bags filled with fun, interesting experiences for students to explore. These "home connection literacy packs" will expand students’ range of experiences and broaden background knowledge around a variety of topics, cultures, and points of view, including the fine arts, STEM and more. Read more. 2019-2020
Log Cabin Outdoor Learning A new child-sized log cabin will be added to the outdoor preschool play area in this collaboration among all early learning programs at Meadowbrook. As staff model care and concern for nature and the environment, preschoolers will be guided in activities designed to develop essential skills, observe changes in nature, and work cooperatively. Read more. 2019-2020
Calming Corners Calming Corners is part of the 2020-2022 Pathways to a Healthier Future Special Appeal. Learn more. 2019-2020
Play-Based Learning to Deepen Inquiry This grant provides materials to support a play-based learning environment to encourage children to develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills.Learn more. 2021-2022


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