Micro Home Libraries

Micro Home Libraries grants fall 2020There is a power in books to open up and make sense of the world and of the self, so it is important for all students to see themselves – and a variety of races and cultures – represented in what they read. This grant puts two books by BIPOC authors (black, indigenous, people of color) into each of the hands of Reading Acceleration students whose home libraries are small to nonexistent. The pandemic makes this endeavor all the more important and timely, as these students are experiencing school in isolation at home. Many span more than one demographic of a historically marginalized community, and NJH is helping them learn that their stories matter, their lives matter, and that they are readers. Students will choose from about 50 titles of Young Adult books by renowned BIPOC authors, each worthy of sharing with family and peers, and of sparking thoughtful conversations in the (for now distant) classroom.

Awarded Fall 2020
North Junior High
Submitter: Laura Jensen

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