Microscopy for the 21st Century

iPod Microscopy grant presentation pictureMicroscopy is an important tool for all Hopkins 7th graders in their required Life Science course. Digital microscopy cameras will enhance the abilities of existing microscopes and enable the students’ iPads to be used as digital microscopes. Students will be able to photograph, identify, label and better understand minuscule moving objects.

These exciting digital tools will make learning more visual and accessible, and allow for deeper precision, collaborative work, and student assessment throughout the curriculum of cell specialization, pond life, ecology, frog dissection, and much more. 9th grade Forensics students will also have access to these digital tools as they compare and contrast samples of hair, fiber, blood and fingerprints.

Awarded Fall 2014
North Junior High, West Junior High
Submitters: Jeremy Reichel, Lauren Wester, John Leaf

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