Mindsets for Parents

tanglen mindset grants fall 2016

Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset
Available in Hmong, Somali, Spanish and English
Watch the video here

Schools’ engagement with parents and families is proven to have a direct positive impact on student learning. This grant, in conjunction with a donation from Flipgrid, will produce a series of short videos in multiple languages, all designed to share information and build relationships with parents who do not have the flexibility to attend school functions and interact with staff. Parents will have the ability to access these videos on their phones and on their own time. Navigating school is complicated, and these videos offer all families access to the tools for success. Empowering parents strengthens their ties to school, to the community, and builds support for successful learners.



Awarded Fall 2016
Tanglen Elementary
Submitters: Alex Fisher, Carlos Connell-Torres

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