Mobile Music Recording and Production Lab

Music Tech ClassHopkins High School may become the Paisley Park of area high schools with this wonderful new production equipment. With this 2013 HEF grant, music technology students can produce high-quality digital recordings from live music using both the art and science of music production. Students will learn to use microphones and amplification equipment and to edit, mix, and master recordings. This grant was funded in part by a generous donation in memory of Jerry Christensen, an avid musician and home recording enthusiast, by his family and his friends.

Our music and theater departments are known for fabulous bands, choirs, orchestras, musicals and dramas. But less well known are the diverse group of individual singers, musicians and composers residing in the halls of HHS. With this new equipment, talented musicians across all genres will now have the ability to record high-quality auditions for college admissions and scholarships with the help of their fellow music technology students. The equipment will be especially adept at recording difficult-to-capture acoustic performances, allowing further use of HHS’ beautiful acoustically balanced auditorium.

The first prRoyals music sampleroject earmarked for the Mobile Music Recording and Production Lab is the 2014 Royal Sampler, an eclectic collection of talented HHS musical artists. Check out student-produced Hopkins Royals Sampler Vol. I & II from 2013, and just imagine how incredible the next one will sound!

Watch a video about the community-building effect of student recordings such as those that will be enabled by this mobile lab.


Awarded Spring 2014
Hopkins High School
Submitter: Mark Czech

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