Mobile Sensory Kits

Spec. Ed Mobile Sensory Kits grants fall 20201Mobile Sensory Kits are loaner kits full of easily-sanitized sensory processing equipment for preschoolers in the environment of COVID-19. Much more than toys, these weighted blankets, fidget tools, noise cancelling headphones (as a few examples) are designed to be soothing and/or stimulating for Hopkins youngest learners.

These students may have experienced trauma or be diagnosed with ADHD or ASD, and their caregivers are still learning what soothes them, or conversely, what stimulates them. These packs will allow for trial and error without a hefty investment on the part of the students’ families, and will result in students more ready to learn.

As part of this grant, all instructions for the use of the equipment are being translated into Spanish and Somali.

Awarded Fall 2020
Early Childhood Special Education
Submitters: Michelle Kloke, Lyndsay Hetzel, Jessica Lindberg

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