Modern Band Instruments

Fall Grants 2019 Modern Band InstrumentsModern Band is a new model of music curriculum using popular music and performed with electric guitars, bass, electronic drum set, small keyboards, and a vocal PA system. The 1,200 students at Gatewood and Eisenhower/XinXing Elementary Schools will benefit from HEF’s grant to purchase these new instruments. The goal is to disrupt current classroom pedagogy and shift to an emphasis on experimentation; this curriculum invites a global perspective from students’ families and their experiences from other countries. Fall Grants 2019 Modern Band Instruments (1)Students will develop confidence and find their own voice, both when they are involved in the selection of music and when they compose their own songs or raps. Modern Band shifts the role of teacher to ‘guide’ versus ‘leader’, transforming music class into an engaging experience that does not necessarily reward prior knowledge or out-of-school lessons. It further breaks down socio-economic barriers by stressing practice, revision, exploration, improvisation and creation, as well as short term project-based work.


Awarded Fall 2019
Gatewood Elementary and Eisenhower/XinXing Elementary
Submitters: Katie Hoefer, Jonathan Feulner

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