North Junior High School (NJH) Sensory Room Grant – $4,000

After distance learning, many special education students have greater sensory issues. The amount of noise and proximity to peers and staff is overwhelming and often causes students great distress. The NJH Sensory Room Grant will make a sensory friendly decompression space possible for both special education and general education students and assist them in being successful learners in their classrooms. 

Special Education Teacher Margaret Sagstuen and Social Workers Micki Mandell and Steph Rossow recognize that when students feel overstimulated it causes barriers to learning and relationship building. “Often students with sensory issues are hyper aware of the world around them and are overwhelmed by the amount of noise and physical proximity to others. While they are dysregulated it makes it difficult to work through any social and emotional concerns productively by using self-advocacy skills, collaborating with others, asking questions, etc,” they shared.

The NJH Sensory Room Grant will give NJH students access to a sensory room filled with modular and ergonomic furniture specially constructed for rocking and hitting specific pressure points to assist in achieving sensory regulation. Other components of the room will include assistive technologies related to brain activity and self-regulation. This room will allow students to take short breaks to regain focus and resume learning as an active participant in their learning. 



Awarded Fall 2022
North Junior High School
Submitter: Special Education Teacher Margaret Sagstuen, Social Workers Micki Mandell and Steph Rossow

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