Opportunity=Access=Achievement: Closing the ACT Opportunity Gap

ACT Prep Class HHS 2 grants fall 2018The ACT test is a high-stakes ‘entrance exam’ for college-bound students. HHS will offer a class specifically for those who have the desire, but not the means, to crack open this sometimes elusive window to higher education. Through an earlier HEF grant, HHS students were all given access to ACT test-prep software; many students benefit but this grant takes that project a step further for those who need to expand their understanding of how to take the test in order to get the scores that really reflect their abilities. This tutoring will be available during TASC – the weekly time period already set aside for receiving follow-up or help in any class.



Awarded Fall 2018
Hopkins High School
Submitters: Jeff Matchette, Kristin Greene, Jennifer Heimlich

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