Outdoor Inquiry Kits and Research Station

“We have noticed that when students are given the opportunity to actively learn in nature, they far surpass any grade level expectations.”

These 30 reusable HEF-funded tool kits will include items such as binoculars, pond nets, pocket guides, tool kits, activity guides, magnifying glasses, insect habitats and collection bags to enable students to complete investigations at a variety of research stations, changed regularly. The exciting level of engagement provided to these young botanists and zoologists leads directly to content knowledge and higher order thinking skills. This second grade team strives to develop curious learners and active researchers who know how to ask clarifying questions, seek answers in the environment and through research, and then share their findings with a larger audience.

Active hands-on learning can and should be joyful and fun. These kits, and the accompanying research station, provide confidence building activities that allow students to see themselves as scientists, explorers and thinkers. This inclusive and supportive environment is embedded with math concepts, listening skills, reading, writing, speaking, and drawing connections and conclusions.

Awarded Spring 2021
Eisenhower Outdoor Immersion Program, Grade 2
Abby Larson, Lisa Hake

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