PEACE (Pavilion Equitable Adventurous Community Experience)

Fall Grants 2019 Pavilion Equitable Adventurous Community ExperienceThe bold intentions of the teaching staff at the Pavilion are to lead a new model that aids students in becoming self-directed adventurous learners, while allowing them the opportunity to give back to the community. Pavilion is an off-campus program that provides unique and exciting opportunities for students, but because it is off-campus, is also isolating. Students have limited interaction in the community and with peers; this HEF grant is designed to develop authentic inclusivity through weekly experiential learning trips. Students have shared that they learn best and feel best when they see things in action and can make connections. While reinforcing Hopkins’ curriculum, these activities will create a holistic lab school experience. Students will develop skills in real-world settings and apply what’s learned in the classroom. As they explore their passions and experience a variety of people and places, they will discover why education is important and how it connects them to society.

Awarded Fall 2019
Pavilion School
Submitters: Jacques Youakim, John Keaveny

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