Permanent Recording and Playback Systems

HHS Music Center Performance AssessmentPermanent installation of a recording/playback system in each of the 3 large music practice rooms in HHS is a simple – yet huge – enhancement to the high school’s music program. All musical performance groups will have access to this equipment: Band, Choir, Orchestra, plus eight other ensembles including the 60 members of the infamous pep band LMPM (Lean Mean Performance Machine). Directors can record and play back a few measures for review, or an entire week-old rehearsal to measure progress. Specific and subtle musical concepts can be more easily understood by students when they hear, rather than just talk about, exactly what their instructor is referring to. In addition to assessments and feedback, the recording systems can be used for All State Auditions, for entering the ensembles into State and National Conference competitions, or for an individual student or band who wishes to create a demo tape. This equipment brings a new level of professionalism to the HHS music program.

Awarded Spring 2017
Hopkins High School
Mark Czech

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