Personalized Literacy

The modern student, raised in a fast-paced digital world and stretched for time, still needs rigorous, skill-based reading practice to be able to tackle college and beyond. But students aren’t reading – even at the AP level. Surveys consistently reveal the reasons to be lack of time and engagement. This grant purchases ‘flash fiction’ anthologies – good writing with high rigor that can be consumed in a single sitting (one hour). This pilot for ~80 students (sophomores studying  American authors and senior level(s) studying Global authors) has the potential to  change the entire curriculum. It allows for personalized learning and engagement, choice of material reflective of many cultures, and skill development through small-group literary circles. Once skills are solidly learned, students will then be able to apply them to a longer piece of their choosing.

Awarded Fall 2021
Hopkins High School
Submitter: Beth Ocar

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