Play-Based Learning to Deepen Inquiry

The enrichment benefits of play-based learning for K-6 students have been extensively studied and documented and elaborate on those skills already taught at Meadowbrook through more traditional means.

This grant provides play equipment that will be mindfully incorporated into the eight-week Creative & Critical Thinking Skills rotation for all students. As students use, for example, Lincoln Logs and Tinker Toys to create a car or Play-doh to create a bridge, feedback will be given to their classroom teacher about the child’s unique learning style and problem-solving abilities.

Play-based learning is a fun and joyful way for students to see themselves as flexible problem solvers, given ample time and materials. It helps them to develop their own creative strengths and grow a wide variety of life skills such as language, critical thinking, inquiry, self-regulation, cognition, social competence, interpersonal interactions, and the confidence to explore the world.

Awarded Fall 2021
Meadowbrook Elementary
Submitters: Michelle Hetland, Kathleen Roller

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