Preschool Social Emotional Curriculum

Preschool second step 2 spring grants 2020

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As authentic inclusivity and love are key to all Hopkins preschools, the purchase and implementation of Second Step Early Learning Kits will create a consistent framework across Hopkins Public Schools. The implementation of these kits will help build a strong foundation in social emotional development for the approximately 500 children enrolled in all Hopkins Preschool Programs within the six elementary schools as well as The Harley Hopkins Family Center. It will reach students enrolled in Kaleidoscope, Stay and Explore, and Stepping Stones programs. Some of Hopkins’ preschool programs run twelve months a year and are open during non-school days. Students will be taught skills that are essential for them to succeed in Kindergarten and beyond. Growth and ease of implementation will be evaluated throughout the school year.

Preschool second step 1 spring grants 2020Second Step engages young children and helps overcome barriers to learning. It provides engaging activities and lessons for children and includes activities to take home with instructions to engage families in ways that support the child’s learning at home. The evidence-based Second Step curriculum is designed to engage students through a variety of learning activities such as puppets, songs, games and stories and to teach skills that students can generalize immediately in the school setting. The purchase and implementation of these kits will further expand and enhance HEF’s previously funded K-5 Second Step Curriculum and make the program accessible to the early childhood students in the district.

By focusing on the social-emotional skills that students need for success, the curriculum provides a Pathway to Healthy Futures. Hopkins Public Schools and the state of Minnesota “recognize that in the early years, children are developing social and emotional skills that will guide their behavior, affect their overall mental health, and impact their ability to succeed academically as they move on to later schooling.”(Minnesota Early Childhood Indicators of Progress Social Emotional Domain, Page 1)

Awarded Spring 2020
All Hopkins Preschools
Submitter: Kathy Willett

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