Raising Chickens

Raising Chickens grants fall 2020A sophisticated take on the gerbil-in-the-classroom, this grant offers students the unique long-term opportunity to practice responsibility, math, technology, teamwork, and to earn a sense of pride. Sometimes students with unique learning styles really need a reason to connect to school; a hook to keep them coming if they’re struggling. Building chicken coops, raising 20-30 chickens, learning about chickens and then teaching others, will create a feeling of community for students. Feeding the chickens with scraps from the lunchroom, and then donating or selling eggs will provide teachable moments about food insecurity, and 24 webcams will offer a birds-eye view of the world of farm animals. Plans for a Chicken Committee (maybe The Hen Club?) are in the works, and coop building is getting underway. Follow HEF on Facebook for updates on the future availability of Hopkins Royal Eggs at North Junior High.

Awarded Fall 2020
NJH Special Education
Submitter: Daniel Gieski

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