RoboSquad – Bringing STARBASE to Elementary

FALL GRANTS 2015 Robosquadstarbase logo fall grants 2015Fourth and fifth graders across the District are attending STARBASE Minnesota, a Department of Defense program that utilizes a mission to Mars as the vehicle to introduce practical fun applications of engineering and science principles. RoboSquad brings STARBASE back to Hopkins. This pilot program consists of building and manipulating twelve Lego programmable robots. As they ‘teach’ these robots to traverse the cratered surface of Mars and navigate obstacles, students learn coding, computer programming, higher-level thinking and robotics. The lessons incorporate perseverance, problem solving, and teamwork – all valuable and necessary 21st Century skills.

Click here to see photos of Hopkins students at STARBASE Minnesota.

Read more about STARBASE Minnesota.

Awarded Fall 2015
Meadowbrook Elementary
Submitters: Chuck Burmeister, Kelley White, Bobby Krzmarzick

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