Robotics, Circuits and Coding Grant – $8,500

It’s perfect timing for the Robotics, Circuits and Coding Grant at Tanglen Elementary since this school year STEAM was adopted as a new special at the school. STEAM Specialist Martha Raid shares that 1st through 6th grade students at Tanglen will have a unique and rare opportunity to “engage with technology on their own” and gain mastery of math skills in areas including mathematical operations and basic input and output, as well as working on science standards, such as defining a simple design problem.

Simultaneously, students will also increase soft skills development like teamwork, collaboration, creativity and problem solving through the use of new hands-on and engaging technology explored in a highly accessible environment. Materials purchased as part of this grant include Finch Robots and I Love to Code bundles.

With a decrease in soft skills as a result of the COVID pandemic, the Robotics, Circuits and Coding Grant provides an opportunity for students to strengthen critical thinking among other soft skills while considering numerous controlled variables and failure points to identify, improve, generate and compare multiple solutions. “Tanglen students have the opportunity to collaborate with other students, to think critically, problem-solve, make mistakes and learn from them,” explains Raid, “and to have fun!” 

We can’t wait to see how Tanglen students engage and grow into more well-rounded Hopkins students as a result of the Robotics, Circuits and Coding Grant.


Awarded Fall 2022
Tanglen Elementary School
Submitter: STEAM Specialist Martha Raid

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