Rocket Science

Water Rockets GrantExperimental Science class is the perfect place to design and build water rockets, and to test variables such as wing shape, fuel amounts, or nose cone shape. This grant provides re-usable launchers to get this exciting experiment off of the ground (up to 100 meters!) and delve students deep into the scientific method. Forming hypotheses, analyzing results, re-evaluating and rebuilding will all be part of this water rocket project, and fit neatly into the junior highs’ International Baccalaureate (IB) parameters of Inquiry and Design, as well as Processing and Evaluating.

Part of a robust science curriculum, these water rockets are a highly engaging, fun hands-on activity to interest students in the fundamentals of science and introduce them to aerodynamics.


Awarded Spring 2016
North Junior High School
Submitters: John Leaf, Jeremy Reichel

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