Royal Voices Library

Yes, Hopkins student, YOUR creative visions may someday become published works shared with the world! Need proof? Look no further than the impressive array of Royal Voices, a new special collection coming soon to the HHS Media Center, exclusively containing the published works of your Hopkins alumni. HEF is underwriting the creation of this collection to not only celebrate former students, but to offer current students inspiration across a variety of vocations, interests, pathways, and fields of study. Works in the collection include history, politics, a graphic novel, and so much more, which staff may incorporate into curriculum when appropriate. As well as providing hard copies, Royal Voices will contain a catalog of all current and future work, and a database of the authors willing to connect personally with aspiring students and/or speak to classes on their subject area of expertise.


Awarded Spring 2022
Hopkins High School
Submitter: Rick Rexroth

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