Sensory Path — Much More Than a Yellow Brick Road

Sensory Path Tanglen grants fall 2018All Tanglen students (and staff, too) will benefit from this colorful, interactive sensory path – easily accessible in a Tanglen hallway. Sensory motor breaks are an effective tool to promote learning, and an instructional tool for ALL about the importance of sensory regulation. The path will provide these breaks through a wide range of fun activities, requiring students to use their senses and focus their energy. Whether a student’s energy is a little too high or a little too low, a few minutes following the directions of the path can increase concentration to create active and willing learners ready to focus. The school experience will be that much more colorful and engaging, and the path will ‘speak’ to all learning styles.


Awarded Fall 2018
Tanglen Elementary
Submitters: Wendy Dellis, Alyssa Winterfeldt

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