Sequels on the Shelves

NJH Sequels on ShelvesClassroom libraries promote literacy through easy access to high-interest material. This grant of sequels to popular teen novels promises to keep readers intrigued far beyond the assigned reading. The key to engaging any reader is to offer them unforgettable characters and meaningful stories. These sequels to ‘hot’ novels – already proven enticing to students – will help keep them reading, discussing, and writing (reviewing and recommending) long after their original Language Arts or Social Studies assignments have been completed. Multiple copies of each novel will be provided for use in book circles and ‘clubs’, both formal and informal, and these culturally rich stories will be available to all 560 8th and 9th graders.


Awarded Spring 2017
North Junior High
Submitters: Kimberly Busch, Jennifer Behnke, Elsa Bross

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