Social Emotional Learning Assessment Study

All Elementary Social Emotional Assessment Study grantsAddressing students’ social and emotional learning has a big impact on student academic achievement: increasing rates of daily school attendance and graduation, and decreasing incidents of suspension. Over the course of the 2017-18 school year, Special Education staff will pilot 4 different assessment tools for evaluating students’ social and emotional leaning. With the goal of accurately and efficiently implementing interventions and evaluating progress, the assessment tool that best benefits students will then be used as a framework to further the work of school social workers and classroom teachers.

“Social and emotional learning” includes self-awareness and management skills, responsibility, social awareness and relationship skills, and decision-making ability. These skills are invaluable to our students, and as all become more proficient in them, enable more learning in the classroom.

Awarded Spring 2017
K-6 Special Education, All elementary schools
Submitters: Nikki Ehrenberg, Madeline Tolkan Conrad, Kristin Lutz

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